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Pump Up the Volume

Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis, Seth Green, Ahmet Zappa, Ellen Green, Scott Paulin, Mimi Kennedy, Billy Morrissette, Lala Sloatman, Juliet Landau, Mark Ballou
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Student Nora tells another girl, referring to DJ Hard Harry, “He’s a total sex maniac.” (0:03)

Harry, on the air: “... and if I did have a license, all I could do is drive out to some stupid mall, maybe if I’m lucky... smoke a joint and get stupid.” (0:08)

By telephone guidance counselor David Deaver tells Harry in an interview, “I run a comprehensive American values program in which we discuss... drug awareness...” (0:19)

Harry reads a letter on the air: “You get me crazy.” (0:23)

Harry tells his listeners, “Drugs are out.”
He reads a letter from student Malcolm: “Dear Hard Harry, do you think I should kill myself.”
By telephone: ”I’m gonna blow my... head off.”
Harry: “You’re not gonna be one of those people, kills themselves, and nobody has any idea why they did it, huh?... Now I’m depressed. Now I feel like killing myself, but luckily, I’m too depressed to bother.” (0:26)

English teacher Ms. Emerson tells her class, “Last night one of our students, Malcolm Kaiser, took his own life.” (0:35)

Mark’s (Hard Harry) mother Marla: “Mark, basically, we thought that you might benefit from seeing a psychiatrist.”
Mark: “I’m certainly not going to a shrink.” (0:38)

Harry, on the air: “What if you’re confused and can’t imagine a career?”
”Suicide is wrong, but the interesting thing about it is how uncomplicated it seems... They’re gonna say I said offing yourself was simple... Another thing to remember about suicide is that it is not a pretty picture... Doesn’t this blend of blindness and blandness make you want to do something crazy? Then why not do something crazy? It makes a lot more sense than blowing your... brains out. Go nuts. Go crazy... They think you’re moody? Make ‘em think you’re crazy... I mean go nuts. Get crazy.” (0:43)

A letter writing listener tells Harry on the air, “I’m pretty confused.”
Harry: “Confused? You’re not the one who’s confused... If anyone’s confused, it’s those guys out there.” (0:51)

Student Nora tells another student, “Hey, it’s like 8:30 in the morning, so I guess it’s okay to kill myself.” (0:53)

Television reporter: “In a follow up to Monday’s tragic suicide... he’s been charged with criminal solicitation in the suicide death of Malcolm Kaiser.” (0:59)

A parent tells principal Creswood, “The kids who need the most help, like the ones with drug problems, they don’t go in for stuff like that.” (1:01)

A reporter asks student Paige, “Are you on drugs?” (1:02)

His school commissioner father Brian tells Mark, “You know for a minute we actually thought you were that crazy DJ character.”
Mark: “Maybe he’s not that crazy, Dad.” (1:08)

Harry, back on the air: “They say that I am deluded, demented, deranged...” (1:09)

Mark tells Nora, “Maybe we’re just crazy.” (1:14)

Nora tells Mark, “People are confused.”
Mark: “It’s crazy.”
”You’re completely nuts.”
Nora: “Yeah, well you make me nuts.” (1:18)

By telephone Creswood tells Brian, “I’ve just ordered psychiatric evaluations on a couple of the key troublemakers...” (1:19)

Mark tells Nora, “I just wanted to apologize for saying that you were nuts.” (1:21)