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Return of the Secaucus 7

CastBruce MacDonald, Maggie Renzi, Adam LeFevre, Maggie Cousineau, Gordon Clapp, Jean Passanante, Karen Trott, David Strathairn, John Sayles
Year released1980
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Political speech writer Irene asks her legislative aide boyfriend Chip, “It’s not gonna freak you out, is it?” (0:05)

Irene asks Chip, “Nervous?”
”There’s nothing to be nervous about.”
Chip: “I am nervous.” (0:08)

Medical student Frances lists side effects of oral contraceptives to her friend Katie: “... nervousness... changes in... libido... mental depression.”
Katie: “Well, mental depression comes from reading the box.” (0:10)

Irene tells her gas station attendant friend, “Ron, you’re a maniac.” (0:10)

Teacher Mike tells the others, “I’m still dealing with a room full of teenage libido.” (0:14)

Katie tells the others, referring to their actress friend Lacey, “The director exploited her personality disorders.” (0:18)

Mike tells teacher Katie, referring to J.T., “I think it’s freaking him out.” (0:21)

Mike tells Katie and Irene: “He must be freaked out.” (0:22)

Mike tells the others, referring to J.T., “That would really freak him out.”
Chip: “I was depressed for a week after I turned 30.” (0:22)

Irene: “I’m an idiot.”
Irene tells Chip, “Now, just remember the signs, and don’t panic.” (0:24)

Mike tells Katie, referring to Dwight, “Three years of cold turkey couldn’t have helped him.” (0:27)

Katie tells Mike, “It makes me nervous.” (0:32)

Ron asks Jeff, “Hey, you still working with junkies?”
Jeff: “The methadone clinic, right.”
Ron: “You know, I used to have on old Dodge with a junkie for oil?” (0:38)

Maura tells Katie, “You know Jeff wasn’t kidding about that sympathetic withdrawal stuff. He takes on all the classic addict symptoms: jumpiness, weight change, loss of sexual appetite.” (0:45)

Frances tells Irene, “I was nervous.” (0:46)

J.T. tells Jeff, referring to J.T.’s accidental injury, “Your subconscious did it.”
”Monsters from the id.” (0:52)

Irene tells the others, “The kid would’ve been born with a Dexedrine habit.” (0:55)

“Since when has it ever taken me ten dollars to get loaded. You’re talking to the original cheap drunk here.” (0:57)

Mike, holding a packet of powder, tells Jeff, “Don’t tell me. Cocaine.”
Jeff: “It’s heroin.”
Jeff: “You know, with all the drugs we used to do, I never even saw any of this stuff.”
”It makes me nervous. Of course anything you’ve got to put in yourself with a needle makes me nervous.” (0:59)

Irene tells Chip, “We had six drafts of a speech on the legalization of marijuana.”
Mike: ”There is a bit of a panic on lately. Used to be you could get a contact high just walking into the boys’ room at school.”
Jeff: “God, I’d love to get stoned.”
Mike: “Spoken like a true drug counselor.”
Maura: “I haven’t smoked dope in so long.”
Jeff: ”Dope?”
Chip: ”Only a couple of joints worth. It’s pretty potent, though.” (1:01)

Mike: “Stoned again.” (1:02)

Jeff tells music critic Lee’s friend, “Drugs.”
”I get people off drugs.”
J.T., referring to Jeff: “Mr. Cold Turkey, that’s what they call him in the business.” (1:08)

Chip tells Jeff: “It’s like bringing in Hitler and the Jews.”
Jeff: “Why not bring in Hitler and the Jews?” (1:10)

Frances tells Ron, “Of course the surgeons are the biggest egotists.”
Ron: ”You got any future shrinks at your school?”
Frances: “Oh yeah, mental cases, most of them -- on the depressive side.” (1:12)

Mike tells the others, “There’s this drunk driver...”
”There’s these two black guys who are high on something...” (1:17)

Maura tells Jeff, “You had months to come and talk to me about it, but no, you’d rather be depressed.”
”You enjoy depression. You thrive on it and live on it like a drug, and you’re not happy until everybody around you is hooked on it too.”
”When would you ever come and ask me if I was depressed?”
Jeff: “Oh, hey, guilt is your hang-up, not mine.” (1:17)

Chip tells J.T. and Mike, “Top aide nabbed in drug bust.” (1:21)

Jeff tells a police officer, “Five arrests... for... suspicion of possession of a controlled substance.” (1:21)

Suspect Norman answers J.T.: “Drunk.”
”Drunk... Drunk.”
Mike tells the others, referring to Norman, ”I remember he refereed a game drunk once.”
”There’s a rifle and an ounce of dope.”
J.T.: “The cop says rifle’s okay, but oh, that marijuana...”
Mike: “And we get hysterical...”
Maura: “Salt of the Earth” (1:24)

Mike asks Jeff, “The heroin, where’d you dump it?” (1:27)

Jeff tells J.T., “Somebody overdid their stimulants.”
Referring to Chip: “He’d... sublimate.”
”Like with Paul Newman in The Hustler.” (1:31)

Katie tells Frances, “God, I used to be able to get stoned and go out and carry on all night and not even feel it the next day.” (1:39)

Katie tells Mike, “That dope of Chip’s...” (1:42)

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