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Room At The Top (1959)

Simone Signoret, Laurence Harvey, Heather Sears
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Borough accountant Joe Lampton tells his coworker Charlie Soames, "I've got a foolproof method for grading women... partly J Lampton’s instinct." (0:15)

Joe tells Susan Brown, "Like a hangover." (0:29)

Joe tells Susan, "My mother and father were both killed in an air-raid." (0:31)

Alice Aisgill tells Joe, "Just mood. I have bad moods sometimes. Don’t you?"
Joe: ”Damnable moods.” (0:36)

Alice’s friend Elspeth tells Joe, referring to Alice, "She's crazy about you." (0:52)

Charles: "You worry me, Joe." (0:53)

Alice tells Joe, "If you'd mixed with intelligent people, you wouldn't be glaring at me as if I’d committed some crime." (0:58)

Susan’s suitor Jack Wales, referring to Jack Cleavely: "Father said he drove like a maniac." (1:04)

Joe learns of Alice’s death. Woman in the office, referring to Alice: "I heard she was drunk." (1:44)