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James Spader, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jeremy Davies, Lesley Ann Warren, Stephen McHattie, Patrick Bauchau, Amy Locane, Oz Perkins, Jessica Tuck, Michael Mantell
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Just discharged, psychiatric patient Lee remarks on her stay: “... therapy at 4...”
Her psychiatrist at the hospital, Dr. Twardon, tells her goodbye. (0:03)

After her father Burt takes a drink she tells him, “I thought you stopped.” (0:05)

Lee finds her stash of sharp tools and starts to prick her skin. (0:06)

Her mother Joan tells Burt, “You’re drunk.”
Burt: “I’m not drunk.” then he knocks her onto the bed. (0:07)

Lee burns her leg with a hot kettle. (0:08)

Lee recalls another incident: “I slipped and cut too deep.”
Joan locks up the kitchen knives. (0:10)

Lawyer Edward’s ex-wife Tricia tells Lee, “Submissive.” (0:27)

Lee prepares to cut herself. (0:30)

Her friend Peter tells Lee, “I had a nervous breakdown.” (0:32)

Edward tells Lee, “You’re tapping your toe all the time and playing with your hair. You’re either going to have to wear a hairnet or stop playing with your hair.” (0:36)

Lee winds her hair around her finger. (0:38)

Edward: “Why do you cut yourself, Lee?”
”You will never, ever, cut yourself again.” (0:44)

Edward repeatedly slaps Lee hard on her buttocks. (0:49)

By telephone Edward tells client, “No, I’m confused by that.” (1:00)

Lee strikes her buttocks with a hair brush. (1:06)

Lee listens to a book on tape: “How to Come Out as a Dominant/Submissive.” (1:21)

Her date tells Lee, “I thought you were a masochist.” (1:29)

Lee: “For a while I just stopped trying and stayed at home helping Dad adjust to his new sobriety...” (1:29)

Lee: “Each cut, each scar, each burn, a different mood or time.” (1:42)