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Send Me No Flowers

Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Paul Lynde, Hal March, Edward Andrews, Patricia Barry, Clint Walker, Clive Clerk, Dave Willock
Cary Grant | secobarbital | Seconal
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Advertiser: "... try the new miracle painkiller Nipsarin..." (0:02)

Judy asks her husband George, "But why is it that every time you hear somebody has something, you think you have it too?"
”George, your hypochondria is showing.”
George: ”I am not a hypochondriac.” (0:11)

George tells Dr. Ralph Morrissey, "Judy worries." (0:15)

By telephone, Morrissey tells another doctor, referring to another patient, "I've been rather worried about him." (0:19)

A bottle labeled ”SLEEP” in front of her, Judy answers her friend Marge: "Making George's sleeping pills."
”He thinks it's Seconal. I know it's sugar.” (0:21)

Judy tells George, referring to their lawyer friend and neighbor Arnold, "Oh, is he bombed."
”Then what are you worried about? ”(0:28)

Arnold tells George, referring to his eulogy, "Don't you worry, buddy, I'll give you one gorgeous send off." (0:31)

George visits a funeral home. (0:34)

Judy's college sweetheart Bert Power tells George, referring to Judy, "I sort of figured she'd wind up marrying somebody like Cary Grant." (0:45)

Arnold tells George, "Our worries are over."
George: ”Are you mad?” (0:47)

George and Arnold listen to a recording of George: "Yes, my hypochondria has finally paid off... When I found out that I was dying, I had grave anxieties about you and your future welfare..." (0:51)

Morrissey tells Judy, "I have encountered many a hypochondriac In my time, but never anyone like that boy of yours."
”George Kimball will outlive us all unless he worries himself to death.”
”I am not a psychiatrist.” (1:09)

Arnold asks George, "They discover a new drug?"
”I'm just beginning to sober up...”
”Well I feel like an idiot.” (1:25)

Judy tells George, "You'd only show your contempt for my intelligence." (1:35)