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Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, Nicola Cunningham, Peter Serafinowicz, Arvind Doshi, Rafe Spall, Sonnell Dadral, Penelope Wilton
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Pete asks his sales adviser roommate Shaun, referring to their loser roommate Ed, “What, dealing drugs?”
”Oh, he sells a bit of weed every now and again... You’ve sold puff.” (0:05)

Shaun tells sales clerk Noel, “It’s nothing to panic about.” (0:12)

His girlfriend Liz tells Shaun, “You promised you’d stop smoking when I did.”
Shaun: ”I can give up smoking...” (0:16)

Ed tells Shaun, referring to a woman in the pub, “Cockacidal maniac.” (0:20)

Pete tells Shaun, referring to Ed, “He’s a... idiot.”
”I don’t know, some crackheads or something.” (0:23)

Shaun tells Ed, referring to a girl in the garden, “She’s so drunk.” (0:29)

Television reporter: “In all cases, people receiving bites have experienced headaches and nausea, and developed symptoms similar to those displayed by their attackers.” (0:35)

Shaun’s step-father Philip tells Shaun’s mother Barbara about “A lot of drug nuts running wild.” (0:44)

Shaun tells Barbara, referring to Philip, “Mum, he’s dead.” (0:53)

Their friend Dianne tells the others, referring to a zombie, “Now take a look at the way he moves... almost like sleepwalking... like a drunk who’s lost a bet.” (1:00)

Shaun asks Ed, “What are you doing, you stupid moron?” (1:02)

Their friend David tells the others, “We’ll all get completely smashed.” (1:06)

Shaun: “Has anyone seen Every Which Way But Loose?” (1:08)

Barbara dies in Shaun’s arms.” (1:17)

Liz: “David, don’t; it’s suicide.” (1:21)

Television reporter: “The fact that the mobile deceased retained their primal instincts makes them ideal recruitment for the service industry.” (1:32)

References in The Big Sick, To the Bone