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Shoot the Piano Player

Charles Aznavour, Marie Dubois, Nicole Berger, Michèle Mercier, Serge Davri, Daniel Boulanger, Jean-Jacques Aslanian, Claude Heymann, Alex Joffé, Richard Kanayan, Boby Lapointe, Catherine Lutz, Claude Mansard
Ernest Hemingway | snuff | tobacco
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Chico tells a man with flowers, "I ran into this street light like an idiot." (0:02)

Prostitute Clarisse asks Chico’s pianist brother Edouard, "Are you nuts?" (0:20)

Edouard tells a traffic cop, referring to thug Ernest, "He goes crazy in traffic." (0:29)

Impresario Lars Schmeel tells Edouard, "Life can be crazy." (0:33)

His wife Thérèse tells Edouard, "You were in a good mood in the car."
”Mention Hemingway, and it's ‘I hear he has all my records’.” (0:36)

Edouard sees that Thérèse has jumped out the window to her death.
Newspaper headline: ”Wife of famed pianist plunges to her death” (0:45)

Edouard tells his waitress lover Léna, “You know, I've got a feeling he's crazy about you.”
Léna: "You're nuts." (0:50)

Léna tells Edouard, "You're worse than a drunk." (1:00)

Léna tells Clarisse, "You're drunk." (1:01)

Momo tells Ernest, "Thanks, I prefer snuff."
Edouard’s young brother Fido asks Momo, ”You put tobacco up your nose?” (1:02)

Edouard asks his brother Richard, "Are you nuts?"
Richard: “I tell you, a guy goes stir crazy after a while when he can't move freely.” (1:10)

Edouard, to himself: "Only there is a problem: all this craziness... Some Saroyans long ago probably did some crazy things..." (1:15)