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Sisters of War

Sarah Snook, Claire van der Boom, Susie Porter, Khan Chittenden, Gerald Lepkowski, Masa Yamaguchi
Adolf Hitler | chloroform | diethyl ether | morphine
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Nurse Lorna Whyte tells soldier Len, "It’s not that I’m worried about." (0:02)

A Major asks Lorna, ”Have these patients had their medication yet?” (0:05)

Len asks Lorna, ”Would you leave your patients?” (0:05)

A nurse asks another nurse, "Morphine?"
Nurse Kay Parker: ”I’ll kill myself before I let those buggers touch me.”
Kay tells the other nurses, ”The most infectious disease in this world is panic.” (0:06)

Lorna tells Sister Berenice, "... but we’re out of anesthetics, Do you know anyone who can turn water into chloroform?"
Berenice: ”We have our own little cure for insomnia.” (0:08)

Lorna asks a soldier, "Should we evacuate the patients?" (0:12)

Bishop Leo Scharmach: "Heil Hitler. Bishop Leo Scharmach, personal envoy to Adolf Hitler."
”Heil HItler.” (0:16)

Nurse: "But there’s no ether."
Kay: ”What about your morphine?”
”We’ll get him drunk on the convent’s brandy” (0:19)

The translator tells Kay, "No anesthetic."
”To get a young soldier drunk...”
Translator: ”She said she wants sake for an anesthetic.” (0:19)

Lorna writes in her diary: "... and I’m going nuts already." (0:24)

Len tells Lorna, "Must’ve been delirious." (0:28)

Lorna faints when she sees a Japanese soldier kill Len. (0:34)

The others find Sister Cordula dead. (0:39)

Lorna tells Scharmach, “And they’ve taken all the patients away in a truck.”
Scharmach, referring to the Japanese Captain, "He has agreed to place all of your patients under his protection. Do you know how much sake it took to do this? Enough to get a whale drunk."
”Drunk or not, his honor is at stake... I’ve never had a hangover from a rosary.” (0:47)

Lorna, on hearing of the sinking of a ship with Australian prisoners aboard: "Not our patients." (0:56)

Berenice writes to Lorna, "The priest nearly fainted when I told him that I'd slapped you... Most have lost limbs or are shell shocked." (1:02)

Lorna in cemetery (1:16)

A Japanese soldier tells Scharmach, "Hitler is dead." (1:17)

Sister Marie dies after Scharmach administers last rights. (1:20)

Kay tells a Japanese captain holding his pistol to his head, grieving after news of the death of his family, "I wish I could say I understood why you want to end your life." (1:23)

Lorna tells Berenice, "I hear A Streetcar Named Desire is terrific." (1:31)