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So B. It

Alfre Woodard, John Heard, Jessica Collins, Jacinda Barrett, Dash Mihok, Cloris Leachman, Talitha Bateman
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Her neighbor Bernadette asks young Heidi, "Have I not taught you about... metaphor..." (0:05)

Heidi's mother Sophia uses limited childish language. (0:06)

Heidi: "Bernie has agoraphobia... I thought she said angoraphobia... I... decided she must be afraid of rabbits."
Referring to Bernie's father: ”On the way home he dropped dead of a heart attack... She ended up afraid of everything.” (0:10)

Heidi: "Until then, Mama had only twenty two words..." (0:15)

Bernadette tells Heidi, "Maybe you're named for the movie." (0:25)

Bernie tells Heidi, "You're taking advantage of my fear, of my, my handicap." (0:31)

I asked Bernie, "How do you know agoraphobia doesn't go too?"
Bernie struggles to leave her apartment for the first time, then collapses.
Heidi's friend Zander asks Heidi, referring to Bernie, ”Is she drunk?”
Heidi: ”She's not drunk.” (0:35)

Heidi: "What about wondering if your mama, with a broken brain, and a brand new baby, was all alone in the world?" (0:42)

Heidi answers Alice Wilinski, referring to actor Shirley Temple, "If she's in the mood." (0:45)

By telephone, Bernie tells Heidi, "I'm the crazy old lady in the greenhouse dress..." (0:53)

Bernie panics as she leaves her apartment. (1:16)

By telephone, Bernie tells Heidi, "Your mama’s gone." (1:20)

Funeral for Sophia. (1:25)