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Solaris (1972)

Donatas Banionis, Natalya Bondarchuk, Juri Jarvet, Anatoli Solonitsyn, Vladislav Dvorzhetsky, Nikolai Grinko, Sos Sarkisyan
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Speaker, referring to astronaut Berton: “He was in a state of shock.” (0:12)

Man: “All of this could be the result of Solaris’ biomagnetic current acting on Berton's consciousness.”
Male voice: ”Berton's statements appear to be the result of a hallucinatory complex brought on by the planet's atmosphere, as well as symptoms of depression exacerbated by inflammation of the associative zone of the cerebral cortex.”
Bearded man: “‘Almost no way’ means that some real phenomena could have triggered your hallucinations, Berton.” (0:17)

Berton tells the others, “I don't want to look like an idiot in front of you yet again.” (0:25)

Psychologist Kris Kelvin tells Berton, “You yourself can't be sure that what you saw wasn't just hallucinations.” (0:29)

Television narrator, referring to the space station crew: “They are astrobiologist Sartorius, cyberneticist Snaut...” (0:32)

Kelvin tells Snaut, “I'm Kelvin, the psychologist.”
Snaut, referring to Gibarian: “Suicide.”
”He was almost always in a state of deep depression ever since these disturbances began...”
”If you see something out of the ordinary, something besides me and Sartorius, try not to lose your head.”
Kelvin: “Hallucinations?” (0:48)

Gibarian in video message to Kelvin: “Just don't think I've lost my mind... I'm telling you this so if it does happen to you, you’ll know it's not madness.” (0:55)

Kelvin tells Sartorius, “I won't think you're insane.”
“Insane?... Insane...” (1:06)

Gibarian continues on video: “They think I've gone crazy.”
He prepares a syringe.
“Kris, understand that this is not Madness.” (1:07)

Kelvin’s deceased wife Hari visits him in his quarters. (1:13)

Snaut asks Kelvin, “Narcotics, poisons, barbiturates, eh?... Next time don't panic.”
Kelvin, referring to his wife: “She died 10 years ago.”
Snaut, referring to The Ocean: ‘It probed our minds and extracted something like islands of memory.“ (1:23)

Hari reappears to Kelvin. (1:28)

Sartorius tells Kelvin, “It'll sober you up a bit.” (1:36)

Snaut tells Kelvin, “An encephalogram!”
Referring to Sartorius: “I convinced him to start with the encephalogram.” (1:45)

Hari tells Kelvin, referring to Hari, “She poisoned herself.” (1:51)

Snaut asks Kelvin, “Doesn't a man who's ready to give up his life just to make cursed contact in order to know more about it have the right to get drunk?” (2:06)

Kelvin tells Snaut, referring to Paris, “She drank liquid oxygen. She did it out of despair.” (2:15)

Snaut tells Kelvin, “Your encephalogram helped.” (2:24)

Kelvin appears delirious. (2:27)