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Sólo con Tu Pareja

Luis de Icaza, Dobrina Liubomirova, Isabel Benet, Claudia Fernandez, Luz María Jerez, Claudia Ramirez, Astrid Hadad, Toshiro Hisaki, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carlos Nakasone, Ricardo Dalmacci, Nevil Wilton, John Keyser, Raúl Valerio, Monserrat Ontiveros
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His lover Paola tells marketing writer Tomás, "There should be a law against idiots." (0:03)

By telephone his physician Mateo asks Tomás, "What are your symptoms?"
Tomás: "Symptoms?' (0:11)

Tomás asks Mateo's nurse Silvia, "Are you crazy?" (0:18)

Silvia tells Tomás, "You know, I thought writing commercials was a job for idiots, but it's fun." (0:23)

Tomás's new flight attendant neighbor Clarisa: "Claustrophobia?... I was depressed working on a DC-10... I swear I felt like jumping." (0:39)

Tomás tells Clarisa, "Please don't think I'm crazy." (0:44)

Tomás tells Japanese tourist Takeshi, "If Clarisa turns me down, it's harakiri, man. Harakiri, you understand?" (0:50)

Mateo tells Tomás, referring to Lucia, "She just ran out in a panic." (0:54)

Mateo tells his secretary Teresa, referring to Tomás, "He's feeling... completely hungover." (0:54)

Paola tells Tomás, "I can tell you a good place to go for self-hypnosis." (0:56)

Tomás unwraps a razor blade. (0:59)

Mateo tells Teresa, referring to Tomás, "He's probably out of his mind right now." (1:00)

Tomás prepares to cut his wrist. (1:00)

Tomás leaves a message for Mateo: "Tell him I'm going to commit suicide in the microwave." (1:01)

The pager operator tells Mateo, referring to Tomás, "He's committing suicide in the microwave."
Mateo: "He's going to kill himself in a microwave." (1:03)

Tomás answers Clarisa: "Committing suicide." (1:06)

Mateo tells Takeshi, "Tomás Harakiri."
Takeshi: "Tomás harakiri." (1:07)

Clarisa tells Tomás "I want to shoot myself."
"You're going to commit suicide."
"I don't want to slash my wrists."
"Sleeping pills mess up my stomach."
"I don't want to hang myself." (1:11)

Tomás leaves a message for Mateo: "We're jumping from the Latin American Tower." (1:13)

Clarisa asks Tomás, "Why do you want to commit suicide?" (1:14)

Mateo asks Teresa, "Are you crazy?" (1:14)

Pager operator: "He's jumping from the Latin American Tower." (1:16)

Mateo: "Tomás is jumping off the Latin American Tower." (1:18)

Teresa tells Mateo, "If you leave me, I'll kill myself." (1:21)

The building security guard tells the others, "... a lovelorn young lady jumped off with a depressed man she hardly knew." (1:24)