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Son of Fury

CastTyrone Power, Gene Tierney, George Sanders, Frances Farmer, Elsa Lanchester, Kay Johnson, John Carradine, Caleb Green, Harry Davenport, Dudley Digges, Roddy McDowall, Halliwell Hobbes, Ray Mala, Cliff Severn, David Clyde
Year released1942
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Title: “I, Benjamin Blake dedicate to free men here and in other lands this account of unusual happenings in my life as Bonded Servant in the disturbed times of His Majesty George III.”

Ben tells Isabel, “I'm jealous of that idiot Hobart...” (0:16)

Isabel tells Ben, “You must be mad.” (0:19)

Captain, referring to inhabitants of the islands: “Bloodthirsty cannibals, every one.” (0:43)

Eve tells Ben, “If you stay out of pity, I will throw myself in the sea.” (1:03)

Caleb tells Ben, “You thought I was mad when I told you about the island... mad for riches...” (1:05)

Bartholomew Pratt insufflates snuff from the back of his hand.” (1:14)

Her father Sir Arthur Blake tells Isabel, referring to Ben, “A strange fellow, Ben, moody, and quick to take offense.” (1:31)

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