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Song of the Thin Man

William Powell, Myrna Loy, Keenan Wynn, Dean Stockwell, Phillip Reed, Patricia Morison, Leon Ames, Gloria Grahame, Jayne Meadows
Gloria Grahame
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Saxophonist, referring to clarinet soloist Buddy Hollis: "That reed man is really whacked-up tonight."
Clarinetist Clarence “Clinker” Krauseuse: ”You'd be sporting a whack job, too...” (0:04)

Detective Nick Charles’ son Nick, Jr. tells his father and his mother Nora, referring to cartoon characters, "She's a man dressed in women's clothes." (0:13)

Nora asks Nick, "Now, you see why I'm worried?" (0:14)

Nick tells a neighbor, "Oh, probably some drunk rehearsing for the 4th."
” He was drunk.” (0:19)

A policeman tells Nick and Nora, "We got a flash that there's a maniac running amok up here." (0:19)

Nick tells Nora, "It's positively sadistic the way you drive me to work." (0:21)

A musician tells Nick, "Hey, that whacked-up Buddy Hollis was in Brant’s office last night."
Nick asks the clarinetist, ”Where can I find this whacked-up character?” (0:31)

Clinker tells Nick, "I was getting on kind of a nervous kick just sitting around there waiting." (0:33)

Nick answers Nora, "Split personality." (0:43)

Janet Sayre tells Nick and Nora, referring to singer Fran, "She seemed quite upset and nervous about it." (0:57)

Psychiatrist Dr. Monolaw tells the others, referring to Buddy Hollis, "His mind has been completely shattered by alcohol... He seems to be suffering from a deep-rooted guilt fixation." (1:00)

Monolaw tells an orderly, "I'm worried about that." (1:03)

Nick asks Monolaw, "Don't you search the rooms of your patients?"
”This is a rest home, not a jail or asylum.” (1:05)

Nick tells Nora, "Well, cracked minds play funny tricks on you, and, by the same token, you can play funny tricks on cracked minds." (1:06)

Janet tells Nick, "I guess I just got panicky." (1:12)

Nick tells Nora, "Hollis is hopelessly insane, totally unresponsible for his acts." (1:13)

Newspaper article: "Talk of the Main Stem is the complete mental recovery of Buddy Hollis." (1:14)