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Sophie and the Rising Sun

Julianne Nicholson, Margo Martindale, Lorraine Toussaint, Takashi Yamaguchi, Diane Ladd, Joel Murray, Bobby Henline
Adolf Hitler | ethyl alcohol-powdered opium | morphine
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Radio reporter: “Hitler now appears in full garb of a European revolutionary.“ (0:04)

Gardening writer Anne sadly recalls the loss of her Scott. (0:21)

Anne tells her friend Ruth, “Hitler will get a good fight from the Russians.” (0:25)

Anne’s friend Sophie: “Oh, dear Anne, your mood hardly matters to me.” (0:30)

Newsreel: “The Japanese soldiers went berserk.” (0:30)

Sophie tells gardener Grover, “I had a sweetheart, Henry. He died in the Great War.” (0:34)

Grover tells Sophie, “There was a drunk man at the bar.” (0:37)

Anne tells maid Salome, referring to Grover, “Give him another teaspoon of laudanum in case he wakes up.” (0:53)

Woman: “Crazy to take up with a yellow man.” (1:01)

Salome tells Anne, “You been out a long time with that morphine.” (1:02)

Salome tells Sophie, referring to Salome’s daughter Katherine Sophie, “She died when she was three.” (1:30)

Ruth tells Salome, “You crazy.” (1:36)