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Splendor in the Grass

Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Pat Hingle, Sandy Dennis, Sean Garrison, Audrey Christie, Barbara Loden, Zohra Lampert, Fred Stewart, Joanna Roos, Martine Bartlett, Gary Lockwood, Crystal Field, Marla Adams
Sigmund Freud
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Her friend Carolyn tells Deanie, ”Oh, we knew that, crazy. (0:17)

Her boyfriend Bud tells Deanie, “You're nuts about me, aren't you... You’re nuts about me.”
Deanie: ”Yes I am nuts about you.” (0:23)

Her mother Frieda tells Deanie, “That's what happens to girls who go wild and boy crazy.” (0:27)

Bud tells his father Ace, “I feel like I'm going nuts sometimes.” (0:30)

Ace tells Bud, referring to Bud’s sister Ginny, ”She won’t do anything crazy when you're around.” (0:33)

Ginny’s mother tells her, “Virginia, after all, we do have prohibition, you know.” (0:34)

Partier, referring to Ginny: “Boy oh boy, she's really plastered.” (0:43)

Man, referring to Bud: “He's gone mad.” (0:48)

Bud tells Dr. Smiley, “I'm pretty nuts about Deanie Loomis.”
”I mean, a guy can go nuts that way.” (0:54)

A nurse tells Deanie’s friend June, referring to Deanie, “I just gave her a little sedative.” (1:02)

Deanie’s mother Frieda asks Deanie’s father Del, “A psychiatrist?” (1:08)

Apparently planning to kill herself, Deanie jumps into the water above a waterfall. (1:19)

Dr. Smiley tells Del, “I'm afraid your daughter’s in a very nervous condition. (1:22)

Deanie in her room at a psychiatric hospital. (1:25)

Deanie talks to patient John while painting in occupational therapy. (1:28)

Sign: “Occupational Therapy” (1:29)

Deanie in a psychotherapy session with Dr. Judd. (1:33)

Frieda tells Del, referring to Deanie, “I'll bet they've been practicing some of that Freud on her too.” (1:35)

By telephone, Ace tells Jack, “You're getting panicky just like everybody else.”
”Just don’t get panicky, Jack,” (1:36)

Ace tells Yale Dean Pollard, “I mean that whole town of New York is jumping out of windows.” (1:38)

Entertainer Texas Guinan tells the audience, “Tonight as I was walking down Park Avenue to get a taxi I had to dodge the bodies jumping out of the windows.” (1:41)

Deanie in her final session with Dr. Judd before discharge. (1:48)

Frieda tells Deanie, referring to John, “After all, you met him in a mental hospital.”
Referring to Bud’s mother: ”She joined her folks there after old Ace killed himself.” (1:49)

Reference in What have I Done to Deserve This?