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Streets of Fire

Michael Paré, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan, Willem Dafoe, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Richard Lawson, Rick Rossovich, Bill Paxton, Lee Ving, Elizabeth Daily, Ed Begley Jr.
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His waitress sister Reva tells unemployed McCoy, referring to Tom and his singer ex-girlfriend Ellen, “He was crazy about Ellen.” (0:23)

Ellen’s manager and boyfriend Billy asks Tom, “Are you crazy?” (0:33)

Billy tells a young woman fan, “We’re not interested in conversation, okay, moron? (0:49)

Policeman Ed tells Tom, “I am not gonna sit around and watch two maniacs play out some little game about personal honor. (1:06)

A train conductor tells Tom, referring to the gang, “The Bombers have gone crazy.” (1:12)

Bombers leader Raven tells Ed, “I ain't too crazy about jails, chief.” (1:14)