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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Esther Williams, Betty Garrett, Edward Arnold
Esther Williams
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Entertainer and baseball player Eddie tells another entertainer, referring to his entertainer and baseball player friend Dennis, "Every once in a while he gets illusions." (0:05)

New ball club owner K. C. Higgins answers Eddie, "Oh, it's very depressing." (0:16)

Eddie tells Denny, referring to K. C., "And guess who she's crazy about." (0:28)

Eddie tells K. C., "I've been behaving like an idiot, haven't I?" (0:36)

Spectator Shirley tells another spectator, "It's just the mother instinct. That's what it is, the mother instinct." (0:46)

Denny ask Shirley, "Are you crazy or something?"
”What, are you crazy or something?” (0:51)

Eddie tells his friend Nat Goldberg, referring to K. C., "Because she's got poor Denny crazy about her, and she doesn't care that much about him." (0:59)

Danny tells Shirley, "I was beginning to worry a little bit. " (1:01)

Denny tells Eddie, "I was unconscious." (1:09)

Eddie tells Denny, "Quit worrying, would you?" (1:11)

Denny knocks Eddie out by hitting him in the head with a baseball. (1:24)

A man answers a thug pretending to be a doctor: "It may be a concussion."
Thug, pretending to be a doctor: ”Concussion?” (1:25)