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That Hamilton Woman

Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Alan Mowbray, Sara Allgood, Gladys Cooper, Henry Wilcoxon, Halliwell Hobbes
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British Ambassador to Naples Sir William Hamilton tells Emma, Lady Hamilton, “... there are always men who, for the sake of their insane ambition, want to destroy what other people build...” (0:33)

Admiral Horatio Nelson asks Emma, referring to the Neapolitans, “Have they gone out of their senses?” (0:36)

Nelson tells Hamilton, referring to the French, “... as long as those madmen have their armies on land, no country in Europe is free.” (0:41)

Emma tells Lord Nelson, “... there sits Lord Nelson, exhibiting his various moods one by one. Lord Nelson and a bad mood, Lord Nelson in a good mood, Lord Nelson in an exuberant mood.”
Nelson: “What mood is this?”
Referring to his son, Josiah, ”He’s drunk.” (0:48)

Nelson tells Emma, “But that's madness.”
”But that’s mad...”
Emma: ”I would have fainted and upset the table.” (1:03)

Nelson’s wife Lady Frances tells the others, “A little more wholesome I think than the mass hysteria we've seen today.” (1:19)

A woman tells her friend, referring to Nelson: “He’s nervous.” (1:25)

A woman asks her friend, referring to Emma, “But why should she faint?” (1:27)

Frances tells Nelson, Referring to Emma, “She faints in the House of Lords... Do you suppose she’d have wasted her time in fainting in her own bedroom?” (1:29)

Sir William hallucinates a treasured picture that went down with a ship at sea. (1:33)

Nelson asks Emma, “Are you out of your senses?” (1:42)

Nelson dies at sea, surrounded by grieving officers and friends. (1:59)

Capt. Hardy begins to cry before telling Emma of the death of Nelson. Grief-stricken, Emma falls to the floor. (2:02)