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The Acid House

Stephen McCole, Maurice Roëves, Garry Sweeney, Jenny McCrindle, Simon Weir, Iain Andrew, Gary McCormack, William Blair
Friedrich Nietzsche | amyl nitrite | butyl nitrite | isobutyl nitrite | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | nitrous oxide
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"The Granton Star Cause"

Evelyn lights and smokes a joint. (0:10)

“God” tells soccer player Boab Coyle, "You f***** this one up, you daft c***."
”Every f****** time I come down here, some wino pulses up about what I should and shouldn't be f****** doing... That cunt Nietzsche was way off the mark when he said that I was dead.”
”You're just like me, a lazy, apathetic, slovenly c***.”
”That's because you’ve no imagination, you daft c***.” (0:19)

Poster for Enter the Dragon on soccer player Kev’s wall. (0:27)#

Evelyn and soccer player Tambo use poppers. (0:30)

"A Soft Touch"

Partier: “You’re a nut.” (0:40)

Alec asks a partier "Just f****** pissed, eh?" (0:41)

Larry tells Johnny, "Bruce Willis, Die Hard." (0:55)

Johnny: "Bruce Willis, f****** Die Hard?" (0:55)

Johnny's mother: "So, the doctor says to give up the cigarettes, John." (0:56)

Larry tells Johnny, "I mean, I'll go half with you on the bills, if that's what you're f****** worried about... been daft..." (1:02)

Partiers share joints and shotgun. (1:10)

"The Acid House"

Jenny tells her friend, "It's a pretty bad case of sperm overdose." (1:15)

Colin “Coco” Bryce pulls a blotter from a cigarette pack. (1:17)

Coco shows signs of intoxication.
He tells his girlfriend Kirsti, ”I can f****** handle my f****** drugs, eh?” (1:17)

Her husband Rory tells Jenny, "We don't need the whole nitrous oxide thing." (1:20)

Coco hallucinates. (1:20)

A man in front of a sign that says, "The [PL]Acid Shall Inherit the Earth," places a blotter on Coco’s tongue. (1:24)

Rory and Jenny’s newborn infant has traded identities with Coco. (1:27)

Dr. Callaghan, referring to Coco: "Struck by lightning, on top of all this LSD his friends say he's taking. I'm very doubtful as to whether this is drug psychosis." (1:28)

Callaghan tells Kirsty, referring to Coco, "Well, he'll have forgotten all of his life experiences, forgotten the good and the bad things he's done that have shaped him."
Kirsty: ”Well, I'm going to keep him away from all the mates he has in the casuals, and away from drugs, and all...” (1:35)

Rory asks Jenny, "Why do we have to devote ourselves to structure, this obsession with doing everything at the right time and having everything in the right place."
”I'm confused.” (1:37)

Infant Tommy acts drunk.
Tommy thinks, referring to Jenny: ”Daft cunt.”
”Get... daft shoe.”
”Don't freak us out.”
Revealing his ability to talk, Tommy tells Jenny, ”I've got special intelligence, and that, right?” (1:38)

Jenny tells Tommy, "You're obviously intelligent enough to articulate your own needs, and we must respect that." (1:41)

Touching one another, Coco and Tommy exchange identities again. (1:47)