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The Alcoholist

Bret Roberts, Bill Moseley, Gabriella Wright, John Robinson, Tania Bambaci, Tammy Jean, William Otterson
ethyl alcohol | methadone
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Danny: "Stopping drinking didn't give me the results that I expected." (0:06)

A woman asks a store customer, "Would you like to do this alcohol test? It's free, so don't worry. All you have to do is blow into this device, and we'll be able to tell you how much alcohol you have in your blood."
The customer blows into a device. (0:13)

Counselor Claire tells Danny, "One, you drive drunk, get busted..." (0:15)

Danny’s neighbor Neil, referring to Danny: "God damn alcoholic." (0:19)

Claire asks Danny, "How long have you been dry before last night?... With a certain level of dependency it can be dangerous quitting cold turkey, harmful... It was an impulsive decision."
Danny: ”Little psycho head trips.” (0:21)

Claire tells a friend, "Don't worry, you're going to nail it." (0:23)

His father tells Danny, "It was a shock for everybody..."
”I'm giving you one week's time to register yourself in a rehabilitation clinic. I want you to clean yourself up...” (0:25)

Neil tells Danny, "You... drunk." (0:29)

Patient Jim tells his psychotherapy group, "I can't sleep more than 3 or 4 hours a night." (0:29)

Counselor Trevor tells Claire, “... you need a bit more time before you should interact with patients directly." (0:30)

A hooded monster attacks Danny. (0:32)

By telephone, Danny tells Claire, "I need meds, something that can keep me off the booze for a little while. I see things that don't exist... hurt myself..." (0:34)

Trevor tells Claire, "You're a psycho bitch." (0:37)

Claire asks Danny "What kind of hallucinations are you having?"
”You told me on the phone that you were having hallucinations.”
Danny: ”No hallucinations whatsoever.”
Claire: ”When you stop drinking at your level of addiction it can be very dangerous.”
”When was the last time you used alcohol? If it hasn't been at least eight hours, those antipsychotics could kill you.”
Danny: ”The fact is, I do see things that don't exist, and I need those drugs, but I don't think I can stay sober for eight hours. I tried to stay clean.” (0:38)

Danny tells Claire, "Don't give me that recycled psychobabble bullshit."
Danny hallucinates a spider. (0:42)

Psychotherapy group
Counselor Hannah: ”Don't worry...” (0:46)

Danny drinks and drives. (0:50)

Claire tells Danny, "If you hire me, I'm required to honor my patient's privacy." (0:55)

Clare asks Danny, "Have you ever lost consciousness, blackouts?" (0:56)

Danny stands in a cemetery holding flowers. (0:57)

Danny tells Claire, referring to his neighbor, "To him I'm just Michael Fordas, the alcoholic that moved in across the street."
Claire: ”Do you really want to stop drinking?”
Danny, beginning to hallucinate: ”Do you hear them?” (0:58)

Electrician Harold tells Neil, "If this drunk is bothering you, I can teach him a lesson."
”That'll drive anybody crazy.” (1:04)

By telephone, Danny tells Claire, "I need to be sober." (1:06)

Danny tells Claire, "You're... crazy." (1:08)

Trevor: "Our job’s one of the most stressful jobs you can imagine. When someone like Leonard goes to his sponsor and says he can't take it anymore, well, it's a huge loss to all of us. Leonard, how many years have you been coming to AA meetings?"
”2 years you've been clean and sober... I know you guys look at me like I'm some stupid... kid who doesn't know shit about addiction, but I watched my father die with 30 bottles of wine around him and a needle in his... arm... Turning your abstinence into something pleasant?... The addict crosses a line that leaves no easy way out... If you want to... start using again..., you don't have to explain yourself to us...” (1:10)

Claire tells Danny, "It's not a clinic, an extreme form of treatment..." (1:13)

Claire tells Danny, "... the conventional method is like trying to wake someone up who's in a coma, by whispering in their ear. This method... is shocking..."
”... 72 hours is the time the body needs to weaken its addiction to alcohol.”
”Daniel, I personally guarantee that you will come out of here clean.” (1:14)

Danny hallucinates bugs crawling all over his body. (1:18)

Claire and Danny wander through the cemetery.
Referring to a gravestone, Claire tells Danny, ”This is my last patient. He died three months ago. Do you want to know how long it took him to get clean?”
Claire injects a man’s arm.
”... I crossed the line a therapist should never cross.” (1:22)

By telephone Claire tells Danny, "The relapse is part of the rehabilitation." (1:25)

Danny drinks and drives. (1:27)

Danny places the muzzle of his pistol against his forehead as though to kill himself. He places a noose around his neck while standing on a box then pushes it aside, but the pipe he tied the rope to falls.(1:30)

Claire tells Danny, "During his darkest days, the only time he forgot to beat me was when the alcohol weakened his memory... Every time he beat me I was able to erase the pain..." (1:32)

Claire tells Danny, "Well I gave you some methadone to help you sleep... and you don't have any abstinence symptoms anymore for a couple of days."
Danny: ”Trying to kill myself could be a positive thing?”
Claire: ”You tried to kill yourself...”
”... I want you to recover...” (1:34)

By telephone, Danny's neighbor Veronica asks Claire, "Do you really think there's room for another counselor?"
Claire: ”Don't worry, okay?” (1:36)

Hannah reads a note apparently written by Claire: "Daniel's rehabilitation can't be fully effective..." (1:39)