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The Americanization of Emily

James Garner, Julie Andrews, Melvyn Douglas, James Coburn, Joyce Grenfell, Edward Binns, Liz Fraser, Keenan Wynn, William Windom, John Crawford, Douglas Henderson, Edmon Ryan, Steve Franken, Paul Newlan, Gary Cockrell
Adolf Hitler
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Motorpool driver Emily tells her coworker Sheila, “I’ve lost a husband, a father, and a brother in this war. When my husband died, I almost went insane. I take these things badly.” (0:14)

Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Madison tells Emily, “... but we haven’t managed a Hitler or Mussolini yet.”
”So lay off, Mrs. Miniver...” (0:16)

General Hallerton tells Admiral William Jessup, “You must be losing your mind, Jessie.” (0:21)

Jessup tells Charlie, “It’s driving me crazy.” (0:24)

Lt. Cmdr. Bus Cummings tells Sheila, “I think Charlie’s flipped his screw.” (0:30)

Jessup tells the team, “If Hitler could have done it, he’d have had the world in his pocket.” (0:30)

Emily tells Charlie, referring to her deceased husband, “I was insane about him.”
Referring to her mother: ”I must tell you... she’s a bit mad.”
Charlie: ”You know, I never realized what sensual satisfaction grieving is for women.” (0:34)

Emily, referring to her mother, “You’re as dotty as she is, Charlie.”
Charlie: “My wife... encouraged me in this idiotic decision.”
”It’s not war that insane, you see.”Referring to his mother: “She’s under constant sedation...”
Emily’s mother seems to finally realize her grief. (0:35)

Jessup tells the others, “I haven’t had more than two or threes hours sleep a night since Florence died.”
”...Hitler’d be sittin’ in this room instead of us. Hitler ruled the sky... Hitler had everything except a Navy.” (0:42)

Charlie tells Capt. Ellender, “A nutty situation, huh, Marv.” (0:51)

Emily tells Charlie, “I’m insanely in love with you.”
Charlie: “Emily, we’re nuts about each other.” (0:53)

Charlie tells the others, referring to Jessup after finding him catatonic, “The man’s in a schizophrenic state.”
Bus tells Charlie, ”He really flipped.” (1:01)

Bus tells Admiral Healy’s adjutant Capt. Spaulding, Admiral Jessup’s gone mad. He’s really flipped.”
Bus: “Admiral Jessup is cracked up.”
Spaulding: “What do you mean he’s cracked up?”
”I mean he’s cracked up... in his office in a trance.”
Spaulding: “Are you trying to tell me that Admiral William Jessup is cracked up?”
”... calling the special assistant to the secretary of the Navy a nut.” (1:01)

Bus tells the others, referring to Jessup, “He’s flipped again.” (1:03)

Harry tells Bus, “Now what is so crazy about a tomb for the unknown sailor?” (1:05)

Capt. Marvin Ellender tells Charlie, referring to Bus, ” He’s in one of his Annapolis moods...” (1:08)

Charlie tells Marvin and Bus, “This is insane.” (1:09)

Jessup: “Well, it seems I cracked up, Charlie.”
Charlie: ”That’s the price a sane man pays in this world, sir.”
Jessup: “You’ll be cracking up yourself soon.” (1:11)

Charlie tells Emily, “The port commander’s gonna look at us as if we’re nuts.”
”You’d rather grieve than live.” (1:14)

A sailor tells Charlie, “Well him and me, we’ve been stoned for two days... and you’ve gotta be pretty stoned after that, right?”
”Well, Commander, we’re not that stoned.”
”We’re not that stoned...”
Bus: “Crocked. You’re all crocked.”
”Now I’m gonna get you drunks aboard that LST.” (1:26)

Emily grieves Charlie’s death. Her mother tells her, “... and you’ll end just as dotty...”
Emily’s mother tells Bus that Emily is “Absolutely wooden with grief...” (1:36)

Jessup tells Bus, referring to the movie, “Was this some idea I conceived when I was cracking up?” (1:41)

Charlie tells Bus, “I’m going to tell them a deranged Admiral had a demented idea for a lunatic movie...” (1:50)