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The Animal Kingdom

Leslie Howard, Myrna Loy, Ann Harding
Spoiler alert
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Publisher Tom Collier tells his fiance Cecelia “Cee” Thomas, "... there's no need for you to worry." (0:11)

His artist girlfriend Daisy Sage tells Tom, "You’ve got a funny instinct about those things."
Referring to a boy: ”.. I got crazy about him...”
”... not after those first crazy months.” (0:15)

Cee, referring to butler Red Regan: "Tom, I think it's selfish of us to keep him."
Tom: ”Selfish?” (0:27)

Cee tells Tom's father Rufus, "Don't worry about it, father." (0:51)

Cee tells Tom, "You're seeing things." (1:11)