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The Art Dealer

Fabienne Babe, François Berléand, Michel Bouquet, Alice de Lencquesaing, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Olga Grumberg, Robert Hirsch, Niels Schneider, Anna Sigalevitch, Benjamin Siksou
Adolf Hitler
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Her father’s fiance Fabienne tells reporter Esther, “True, the Hitler Youth, people joined it without really thinking." (0:08)

Esther tells her art dealer husband Melchior, referring to her father Simon, "I never saw him like that, even at Mom's funeral." (0:11)

Esther asks Simon, "You drunk, Dad?" (0:21)

Raoul tells a valet, "Don't worry, I'm looking for old papers." (0:26)

Esther tells an official, "Done by idiots." (0:35)

Simon tells Esther, "Not this obsession of yours."
”You're nuts.”
”We'll talk when you're sane again.” (0:36)

Melchior tells his son Gaspard, referring to Esther, "She's cheating on me, or going nuts." (1:05)

Esther searches for her grandmother Jeanne’s grave in a cemetery. (1:07)

Esther tells Melchior, "Don’t worry." (1:17)

Memorial service for attorney Claude Weinstein in a cemetery (1:22)

By telephone, Simon tells Esther, referring to Raul, "He committed suicide." (1:31)