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The Barbarian Invasions

Rémy Girard, Stéphane Rousseau, Marie-Josée Croze, Marina Hands, Dorothée Berryman, Johanne-Marie Tremblay, Pierre Curzi, Yves Jacques, Louise Portal, Dominique Michel
heroin | marijuana | methadone | morphine
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By telephone, Louise tells her son Sébastien, referring to professor Rémy, "Your dad's prognosis isn't good." (0:01)

Sébastien tells Louise, referring to his father Rémy, "He's crazy."
”Only idiots refuse to change.”
Sébastien tells Rémy, ”You've no one, apart from that lunatic this morning.”
Louise: ”Which lunatic?”
Referring to Marlene Dupire: ”She's a certified nut.” (0:11)

His nurse asks Rémy, "Are you becoming confused?" (0:15)

Sébastien tells Rémy, "I'm not crazy." (0:20)

By telephone, his doctor friend tells Sebastian, "They had a trial program with heroin. Heroin’s 800% more effective than morphine." (0:26)

Sébastien tells the receptionist, "I'd like to meet someone, a police officer on the narcotics squad." (0:28)

Sébastien tells narcotics officer Gilles Levac and his assistant Kim Delgado, "A doctor friend suggested I get him some heroin. I know little about drugs. As a student I smoked pot. Drugs are sold in every city, and the police know where. I hoped... you could recommend some spots where I can find high quality heroin."
Levac: ”... our job is to arrest dealers.”
Imagined headline: ”Police Help Journalists to Buy Narcotics.” (0:29)

Levac tells Sébastien, "Heroin used to be for the rich... traditionally is the drug of musicians and poets." (0:31)

Sébastien tells his father's friends, "I have to get heroin for him." (0:33)

Heroin addict Nathalie asks Sébastien whether Rémy wants heroin "To smoke or shoot up?"
”You should never trust a junkie.” (0:37)

Levac tells Sébastien, "The dealer."
He answers Sebastian, ”Criminology, minor in psych.” (0:39)

Nathalie opens a box containing paraphernalia and answers Rémy's question "Heroin."
Rémy: ”It comes from opium, right?”
Nathalie: ”it's morphine mixed with chemicals.”
Rémy: ”Will you inject it?”
Nathalie: ”We'll start by inhaling and then see.”
Rémy inhales the vapor as Nathalie holds a match under foil holding the drug.
”It's called ‘riding the dragon’.” (0:41)

Rémy quickly hides his paraphernalia when he hears visitors coming.
The doctor tells him, “Then I won't prescribe painkillers.” (0:42)

Rémy discusses, and we see scenes from, Our Lady of Fatima and Heaven Over the Marshes. (0:44)

Rémy and Nathalie smoke heroin. (0:51)

Diane tells Nathalie, "At night I picture you bleeding in an alley, in shooting galleries." (0:52)

Nathalie tells Rémy, "Overdoses are pretty frequent."
Rémy, referring to heroin: ”Maybe you'll kick it and reach a ripe old age.” (0:54)

By telephone, Louise tells Sébastien, "Your father's in withdrawal." (1:07)

Sébastien finds Nathalie unresponsive with a tourniquet on her track marked arm, a lying syringe next to her. (1:08)

Sébastien tells Nathalie, "Your dealer said that, too."
Referring to their contract: ”I buy dope...” (1:08)

Sébastien draws up heroin in a syringe.
Sébastien answers the nurse regarding the contents of the syringe she holds: ”Heroin.” (1:09)

Remi's friend Pierre tells Sébastien, "Don't worry." (1:11)

Close up of label: "Methadone"
A pharmacist tells Nathalie, ”Methadone’s serious.”
”Nathalie drinks from the bottle. (1:12)

Rémy’s friend: "Cretinism." (1:15)

Rémy tells Pierre, referring to a visitor from China, "I'm mortified to realize that she's thinking: ‘He's either a CIA agent or the worst cretin in the West’."
”Mother committed suicide... Cretinism doesn't sink any lower.” (1:16)

Pierre tells the others, "Intelligence isn't an individual trait."
”Intelligence was there.”
”Intelligence has disappeared, and it can take eons to come back.”
”The Arabs kept intelligence alive.”(1:17)

Pierre shares a joint with his father's (Nathalie's mother?) Diane. (1:20)

Nathalie injects Rémy. (1:21)

Rémy dies with Sébastien at his side and his friends close by. (1:31)

Nathalie drinks a bottle of methadone. (1:32)