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The Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen, Guillaume Canet, Robert Carlyle
marijuana | psilocybin
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Tourist Richard watches Apocalypse Now on television. A character says: "Don’t worry, man." (0:03)

His neighbor Daffy lights a joint and shares it with Richard.
Richard: ”... you’re... in the head, man.” (0:06)

A housekeeper tells Richard, "No worry." (0:09)

A policeman tells Richard, "It just say he cut his wrists, already dead when you found him." (0:12)

Tourists Sammy and Zeff share joints with Richard.
Zeff: ”Enough dope, Richard, to smoke all day, every day, for the rest of your... life.”
Sammy: ”Mad weed.” (0:17)

Richard, to himself: "Idiot." (0:23)

As they wander into a field of marijuana plants, Étienne tells Françoise and Richard, "Oh, now this is what I call a lot of dope." (0:28)

Keaty: "Roll ‘em. Don’t smoke ‘em." (0:36)

Community leader Sal, referring to Daffy's death: "That’s sad news. He was one of the founders of our community, but he became depressed."
Woman: ”This is crazy.” (0:36)

A man gives Richard a joint. (0:40)

Richard, referring to the community: "The only thing they had to do was sail back once in a while to trade a little marijuana and buy some rice."
”Our resident chef was known as Unhygienix on account of his obsession with soap.” (0:41)

Sal tells her carpenter boyfriend, "Don’t worry, Bugs." (0:58)

Burial of Swedish fisherman Sten (1:12)

Richard rages at himself: "You are such an idiot." (1:20)

Keaty tells Richard, "Daffy was a nutter, right?" (1:28)

Richard imagines Daffy asking him, "Mushroom, Richard?" (1:29)

Walking through the field of marijuana, Sammy tells the others, "We’re in dope heaven." (1:33)

Richard: "Don’t be crazy, okay. Don’t be crazy, Sal." (1:46)