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The Belly of an Architect

Brian Dennehy, Chloe Webb, Lambert Wilson, Sergio Fantoni, Stephania Cassini
Adolf Hitler
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Mausoleum (0:01)

Louisa Kracklite tells architect Caspasiian Speckler, referring to her architect husband Stourley, "Kracklite gets bored or impatient or disillusioned with his projects, and I get anxious." (0:18)

Caspasian’s photographer sister Flavia Speckler tells the others, "... Speer was Hitler’s architect." (0:19)

Louisa tells Stourley, referring to figs, "They are some kind of aphrodisiac, right?"
”You come on like a madman, and then you tell me to forget it.” (0:26)

Stourley writes, "I think my wife is poisoning me." (0:29)

A doctor asks Stourley, "What are your symptoms?"
”I would suggest that you are suffering from... too much egotism.” (0:30)

Louisa tells Caspasian, referring to Stourley, "He’s obsessed with his stomach." (0:32)

Stourley tells Caspasian, "Nah, don’t get hysterical." (0:39)

Stourley tells Louisa, "Nobody ever died by voluntarily ceasing to breathe, because if you managed to stop breathing, you’d fall unconscious,"
Louisa: ”Well, since you’re in the bath, why not try slitting your wrists.”
Stourley: ”Oh, don’t worry. Don’t worry.” (0:42)

Caspasian’s architect father Io tells Stourley, "Monsieur Boullee was a French hypochondriac."
”He was afraid of thunderstorms.”
: ”... if you are worried, I can make an appointment for you..” (1:03)

Louisa tells Caspasian, referring to his photographer sister Flavia, "Your sister worries me." (1:05)

Dr. Trettorio tells Stourley, "It will be a little uncomfortable at first, but with the help of the anesthetic you will feel very little." (1:07)

Flavia tells Stourley, "... don’t worry..." (1:18)

Caspasian’s assistant Frederico tells Stourley, "Not a bad prognosis." (1:20)

Louisa: "Stourley, you're the one with the obsessional interest in stomachs..." (1:27)

Stourley tells Trettorio, "Tell me, doctor, do you take this trouble with all your patients?" (1:36)

Stourley, intoxicated, tells a woman eating figs, "They’re aphrodisiacs."
Stourley rages. (1:40)

Stourley lets himself fall to his death from a high window. (1:54)