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The Best Offer

Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks, Donald Sutherland, Philip Jackson, Dermot Crowley, Liya Kebede
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By telephone, heiress Claire Ibbetson tells antique auctioneer and appraiser Virgil Oldman (who always wears gloves), "... before he died, my dad told me..." (0:07)

Artist Billy Whistler tells Virgil, "He got that portrait for a song, from under the noses of that bunch of idiots." (0:10)

His secretary tells Virgil, referring to Claire, "She said she was left unconscious." (0:14)

By telephone, Virgil tells Claire, "My secretary’s been going mad looking for you."
Intuition, Mrs. Ibbetson, the same intuition that makes me doubt your intentions.” (0:22)

Billy tells Virgil, "Never went into a rage like this before." (0:29)

Man off camera: "Take a closer look, you moron." (0:30)

Off camera, Claire tells Virgil, "Don’t worry."
Virgil: ”Of course I wouldn’t assume you’d want to do business with a person who arouses such deep seated aversion in you that you can’t even look him in the face.”
Claire: ”I haven’t left this house since I was 15.
”I don’t see anybody.”
”... I never go out.” (0:35)

The caretaker tells Virgil, referring to Claire, "When you come in, slam the door, otherwise she’ll get scared and panic." (0:42)

Virgil holds a book entitled "Agoraphobia causes and treatments." (0:42)

Virgil tells mechanical expert Robert, "She was afflicted with agoraphobia."
”... ever since he’s been in a state of permanent anxiety.”
Robert: ”... now he’s gonna be constantly worried about her.” (0:42)

Virgil answers Claire, "No, but I was worried."
Claire: ”Even my mother thought I was faking it the first time.”
Virgil: ”Has there ever been an open space where you weren’t overcome by anxiety?” (0:57)

Virgil tells Claire, "There are new treatments nowadays that might help you."
Claire: ”I’d rather talk to you than to some shrink.” (1:03)

Robert tells Virgil, "Look, as long as you’re playing according to her rules, then you’re always gonna make her feel like a patient." (1:11)

His assistant Lambert tells Virgil, "If we don’t set a date for the auction in Stockholm, they’ll shoot themselves."
Virgil: ”Let them shoot themselves.” (1:13)

Claire tells Virgil, "That’s the reason for your presents... to help me recover little by little, and then take me out." (1:15)

Robert tells Terry, "All right, no worries."
Virgil tells Robert, referring to Claire, ”... she’s still going to see through it as some deceitful therapy.” (1:15)

Virgil tells Claire, referring to himself, "Child loses his parents..." (1:18)

A driver yells at Virgil, "Idiot!" (1:28)

Robert tells Virgil, "... sometimes a phobia can just disappear by itself." (1:32)

Virgil tells Claire, referring to the auction catalog, "I can’t conceal my anxiety to know what you think about it." (1:46)

A man tells the others, referring to Virgil, "So it’s finally come home to him that the worst sexual perversion is chastity." (1:47)

By telephone, Claire tells Virgil, "I’m never left on my own, if that’s what you’re worried about." (1:48)