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The Big Clock

Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Sullivan, George Macready, Rita Johnson, Elsa Lanchester
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By telephone, magazine editor George Stroud tells his wife Georgette, "A little child psychology, my dear." (0:08)

Stroud tells publishing executive Steven Hagen, "It's become an obsession with her." (0:12)

Publisher Earl Janoth tells model Pauline York, "It confuses my secretary." (0:14)

Reporter Roy Cordette tells George, "I have to go: an appointment with my psychiatrist."
George tells Pauline, referring to Janoth, ”Thought all he was crazy about was clocks.” (0:16)

Georgette tells George, "I get worried sometimes."
George: ”That's no mood for a honeymoon, darling.” (0:18)

George: "Stop worrying, Roy..." (0:20)

Janoth: "George, you're an intelligent man..." (0:21)

Pauline answers Earl, "Some crazy bar he goes to." (0:34)

Cordette tells George, "They were both a little high." (0:51)

Roy tells the others, "Clock phobia." (0:57)

A cab driver tells George, referring to a fare, "Half-crazy, the guy was." (1:02)

Janoth asks Cordette, referring to reporter Edwin Orlin, "What's that idiot's name?" (1:09)

The art dealer faints when George tells him about the murder. (1:18)

Artist Louise Patterson tells Janoth, referring to her painting, "I think I've captured his mood rather successfully, don't you?" (1:18)

Janoth tells Hagen, "The man's a maniac." (1:19)

Security guard tells George, "This guy’s a dangerous maniac." (1:19)

The art dealer faints. (1:20)

Georgette tells George, referring to the security guards, "They called you a maniac." (1:21)

George tells Janoth, "I'm afraid it's going to be a shock." (1:30)

Hagan calls Janoth, "You insufferable egomaniac." (1:33)

Georgette tells George, "I've been so worried." (1:34)