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The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Zenobia Shroff, Anupam Kher, Adeel Akhtar, Kurt Braunohler, Bo Burnham, Aidy Bryant, David Alan Grier, Shenaz Treasurywala, Jeremy Shamos, Ed Herbstman, Linda Emond, Myra Lucretia Taylor
cocaine | heroin | marijuana
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Comedian Kumail tells the other comedians, referring to Bob Dalavan, “He might have been doing cocaine.”
”Was he doing cocaine recreationally
”True cokehead.”
”Cokehead.” (0:03)

Kumail on stage: “Have you guys heard of this drug cocktail called cheese?... Cheese is Tylenol PM and heroin. So really it’s heroin. Heroin is doing the heavy lifting. Just do the heroin... You already have the heroin.” (0:04)

Emily tells Kumail, “I study psychology. I’m going to be a therapist.”
Kumail: “To you being a therapist. (0:07)

Emily and Kumail watch Night of the Living Dead. (0:08)

Emily asks Kumail, “Is this your compatibility test, like the way some people are with Vonnegut or Big Lebowski?"
They watch Dr. Phibes. (0:17)

Poster behind Kumail on stage: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (0:21)

Emily asks Kumail, “I feel like this is freaking you out. Is this freaking you out?”
Kumail: ”It’s not freaking me out.” (0:30)

Kumail asks Emily, “Aren’t you a therapist?” (0:34)

A woman tells Kumail and his family, “I wouldn’t call it an obsession...” (0:37)

Emily tells Kumail she “Just like fainted a little at work.” (0:41)

The nurse tells Kumail and Emily’s parents, “Don’t read anything into this being the bereavement room.”
Emily’s mother Beth tells Emily’s father Terry, “It’s driving me insane.” (0:45)

Comedian Chris asks the others, “Does that mean drugs or bombs?”
"Like my cousin blacked out once, and when he came to, he thought he knew a different language."
"It was just gibberish that he made up. It was brain damage." (0:47)

Beth tells a member of the audience, “That is a really confusing position.” (1:00)

Beth tells Kumail, “I like wine because of the buzz.”
Kumail asks Beth, ”You want to stress eat?” (1:04)

Terry tells Beth and Kumail, “You go online, they hated Forrest Gump." (1:13)

Terry tells Beth, “You need to stop freaking out and calm down.”
”I’ll replay the rest of this from memory.” (1:16)

Terry tells Kumail, “I think I was depressed.” (1:20)

Kumail tells his parents, referring to Emily, “... she’s gonna be a therapist...” (1:25)

Chris tells Kumail, “My mom kicked me out for dealing weed at 16...” (1:26)

Kumail calls the drive-up order clerk “you... idiot.” (1:28)

Chris asks Kumail, “Oh, wait, are you getting, like, all dard and moody before your set?”
Kumail; ”I am not in the mood.”
Chris: ”I’ll get you in the mood. I’ll get you all in the mood.” (1:29)

Kumail on stage: “Have you guys heard of this new drug cocktail called cheese?... new drug: It’s called cheese.” (1:30)

Dr. Cunningham tells Betha and Terry, referring to Emily, “She won’t have any social inhibitions until the anesthetic wears off.” (1:34)

Kumail tells Emily, “You have a lot of drugs in you...” (1:35)

Poster on Kumail’s wall: SHAUN OF THE DEAD (1:43)

Kumail on stage: “The only time I’ve cried is during the first 15 minutes of UP.” (1:48)

His father tells Kumail on his first date with Kumail’s mother they saw the movie Satte Pe Satta. (1:54)