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The Blob

Steve McQueen, Aneta Corsaut, Earl Rowe, Olin Howlin, Stephen Chase, John Benson, George Karas, Elbert Smith, Vincent Barbi, Lee Payton
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His date Jane tells Steve, “Well, I may be crazy, but... well, I believe you.”
Steve: “Well you're not crazy.” (0:03)

Dr. Hallen injects a drug into an old man. (0:11)

Police sergeant Jim Bert tells lieutenant Dave, “You're crazy if you go.” (0:29)

A mechanic tells his assistant Marty, “... I’m gonna get so roarin’, stinkin’, no-good drunk I won't be able to see.” (0:39)

By telephone Jim asks Dave, “Are you crazy? (0:43)

Steve tells Jane, “I must be getting confused.” (0:47)

Theater marquee: “DAUGHTER OF HORROR” (0:51)

Jem tells police officer Richie, “That's about the craziest argument I've ever heard.” (1:03)

Jan's High School principal father Henry asks, “Has everyone in this fool town gone crazy? (1:06)

Richie tells Dave, referring to the people in Washington, “They thought I was crazy at first, but they’re getting someone now.” (1:20)

Reference in Grease