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The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

John Travolta, Glynnis O'Connor, Robert Reed
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Dr. Gunther tells Johnny Lubitch and his wife Mickey, referring to their new son Tod, "Until we discover a treatment... he'll have to remain in his protected environment." (0:05)

Tod tells his friend and neighbor Gina BIggs, "Keep on looking for treatments."
”So even if they don't find a treatment, you’ll get out someday, right?” (0:31)

Dr. Gunther tells Tod, "Because of what we’ve learned through cases like yours, we’re now treating cancer patients... leukemia patients..." (0:39)

Gina tells her friend Tom Shuster, "Oh, Tom, you’re such an idiot." (0:45)

Gina asks Tod, "Are you crazy?"
Tod tells Gina, referring to nurse Rachel, ”... she’ll get pleasantly bombed. So don’t worry about her.” (1:00)

Student Gwen tells Gina,"Oh, don’t worry about it." (1:12)

Gina and her friends share a joint. (1:15)

Reference in Superstar