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The Brady Bunch Movie

Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Christine Taylor, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Jennifer Elise Cox, Paul Sutera, Olivia Hack, Jesse Lee Soffer, Henriette Mantel, David Graf, Florence Henderson, Jack Noseworthy, Megan Ward, Jean Smart, Michael McKean, Alanna Ubach, Shane Conrad, Marissa Ribisi, RuPaul, Ann B. Davis
Elvis Presley | hormone
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Peter tells his brother Bobby, "Well, my libido is increasing at a rapid rate, and the surge of hormones causes dramatic physical and emotional changes." (0:05)

Larry Dittmeyer tells his wife Dina, "So kind of you to climb out from under your hangover." (0:08)

Cindy tells her mother Carol, referring to Larry and Dina, "Mr. Dittmeyer says she's overhung, but he's not in a good mood..." (0:09)

A motorist yells at the carjacker: "Hey, you moron." (0:14)

A motorist yells at Larry: "Loco, loco." (0:16) 

Doug Simpson tells Eric Dittmeyer, referring to Marcia, "God she drives me crazy." (0:18)

Eric asks Holly, "What, are you nuts?" (0:18)

Peter faints in class. (0:20)

School counselor Mrs. Cummins, sitting beside a phrenology bust, asks Jan Brady, "What can I help you with... bulimia, suicidal tendencies?"
Jan: "It's like my head tells me to do different things, and I get very confused."
Cummings tells Jan, "Paranoid schizophrenia is very common amongst children of blended families."
"Well it sounds like you have a serious case of middle child syndrome." (0:21)

Marcia asks her brother, "Greg, have You gone bananas?" (0:29)

Larry tells the other neighbors, "You've all seen the insane stuff that goes on over there." (0:43)

Peter faints. (0:47)

Peter: "I'm so nervous. Why am I so nervous?"
Marcia: "You're making me nervous." (1:14)

Peter imitates Elvis. (1:16)

Neighbor: "Now this is going to sound crazy..." (1:22)