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The Burning Bed

Farrah Fawcett, Paul Le Mat, Richard Masur, Grace Zabriskie, Penelope Milford, Christa Denton, James Callahan, Gary Grubbs
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Francine Hughes tells her new husband Mickey, "You’re crazy." (0:16)

Her lawyer Aryon Greydanus tells Francine, "This is a letter from a woman who has been beaten by her husband for years." (0:18)

MIckey slaps Francine. (0:23)

Mickey assaults Francine. (0:45)

Mickey tells Francine, "Got a little drunk."
Francine: ”Don’t ever hit me again in front of my kids...” (0:48)

Greydanus tells Francine, "Forget self-defense, and we change the defense to not guilty by reason of temporary insanity."
Francine: ”You mean I’m crazy.”
Greydanus: ”No, I mean, if I can get expert testimony as to your state of mind at the time of the murder, we may have a chance. Now, you’ll have to see a number of psychiatrists.” (0:50)

Francine, referring to Mickey: "He got drunk one night and started in on me and the kids." (0:53)

Mickey beats Francine as their children watch. (0:55)

Mickey’s father Berlin tells the others, "There’s no son of mine is going to no mental ward." (0:56)

Francine: "We never discussed committing Mickey again." (0:57)

A detective tells Francine, "Well, don’t worry." (0:57)

A woman tells Francine, "Maybe you should hire a lawyer, and sue your husband for the custody of your children."
Francine: ”I think something has to be done now before he gets drunk and kills me.” (1:01)

A social worker tells Francine, "... and then if he beats you..."
Francine: ”After he beats me...” (1:02)

Mickey tells Francine, "Don’t worry."
”I quit drinking... I did all those things to you because of the drinking.”
”i’ll never take another drink.” (1:04)

Greydanus asks Francine’s daughter Christy, on the witness stand, "Did your mom seem depressed or happy or normal or what?"
Christy: ”Depressed.” (1:13)

Mickey slaps Francine. Later he assaults her in other ways. (1:21)

Francine, on the witness stand: "I went back inside, and Mickey started punching me."
”He came into the kitchen to get a beer.” (1:24)

MIckey assaults Francine as the children watch. (1:26)

Francine on the witness stand, referring to the kids: "... I was worried about them..."
: ”... because he was drunk, it took a long time.” (1:27)

Jury foreperson: "We find the defendant not guilty by reason of temporary insanity." (1:33)