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The Chess Game

Catherine Deneuve, Denis Lavant, Pierre Richard
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Pastor Ambroise Dompremy prevents a boy from jumping to his death. (0:02)

Ambroise tells the boy, referring to the bishop in the game of chess, "Like a drunk, he moves only on a slant." (0:05)

The boy stops a man from shooting himself. (0:09)

Ambroise tells a chess player, "The idiot had better brace himself."
Player: ”He's the idiot.” (0:10)

Servant Suzanne tells the boy, referring to her master, "He flails about in bed like a madman." (0:14)

Suzanne faints after her master hangs himself. (0:18)

Ambroise tells Suzanne and the boy, "The Marquise of Theux is chess-mad" (0:20)

Chess champion Howard Staunton tells Max (the boy), "... it has the advantage of protecting drunkards from ridicule when they are accepted by society.." (0:31)

Suzanne tells Ambroise, "You're insane." (0:41)

Ambroise restrains Max in a chair with a box over his head.
Ambroise asks Max, ”Have you gone mad?” (0:47)

Anna-Lise, daughter of Marquise de Theux, tells Max, referring to Staunton, "They say he's a terrible sadist." (0:49)

Max appears to suffer a panic attack. (0:59)

Suzanne tells Ambroise, referring to Max, again strapped in the chaire, ”I say he's gone mad.” (1:01)

Servant Armand tells Marquise de Theux, referring to Max, "He's in the grip of madness." (1:03)

Anna-LIse: "Don't worry about a thing, Howard." (1:05)

The Marquise asks Ambroise, referring to Max, "How is the patient?" (1:08)

Anna-Lise tells Armand, referring to her mother, "Her folly is so great, her obsession so limitless, that she used me as a bait..."
Armand, referring to Max: ”But Miss, he's lost his mind.” (1:15)

Suzanne tells Ambroise, " I'm leaving, getting out of this madhouse." (1:18)

The Marquise tells Max, "That's madness, Sir." (1:32)

Max jumps to his death. (1:40)