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The City of Lost Children

Ron Perlman, Dominique Pinon, Genevieve Brunet, Francois Hadji-Lazaro, Daniel Emilfork, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Judith Vittet, Marc Caro
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La cité des enfants perdus

The narrator answers himself: "The mad genius Krank in his evil scheme." (0:03)

Disembodied brain Uncle Irvin tells Krank, "And then, at last, he created his masterpiece, more intelligent then the most intelligent man on Earth... While his creation was intelligent, he, too, had a defect."
”Then the poor masterpiece became so crazed that he believed a single tear drop could save him.” (0:15)

Siamese twins The Octopus tell their thug, "You big idiot." (0:20)

An orphan, referring to strongman One: "That guy is crazy." (0:23)

One: "Imbecile. Idiot." (0:25)

Dwarf Martha tells a Clone, "Come back when those idiots have had enough." (0:37)

Brother Ange-Joseph tells The Octopus, "One more scrap of information: a girl in a red dress with a big moron." (0:38)

Circus performer Marcello smokes an opium pipe. (0:41)

Krank asks the Clones, "Will you shut up, you idiots?" (0:45)

Cyclops: "Just them crazy birds." (0:47)

The diver tails Miette, "I can't remember anything. Some people lose their marbles, and me, I've lost my memory." (0:52)

A woman tells one, "There's no reason to be depressed." (0:54)

Miette tells One, "Why, you're absolutely smashed." (0:57)

Miette tells One, Referring to his adopted little brother Denree, "Well he can't complain he's got nobody to worry about him." (1:03)

Krank asks Denree, "Tell me, are you susceptible to the influence of the full moon and to the werewolf?" (1:11)

The Octopus tells Miette, "We were beginning to worry about you." (1:16)

One Octopus tells another, "Die, you crazy witch." (1:25)

Krank tells Irvin, referring to Denree, "A perfect specimen that is totally uninhibited." (1:26)

Martha tells the Clones, "Don't you panic." (1:27)

Irvin tells Miette, "Don't worry." (1:36)

The diver prepares to dynamite the oil rig where Krank and the others reside, along with himself. (1:43)

A Clone tells the others, "Untie the bow lines, idiots." (1:44)