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The Color of Money

Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Paul Newman, Helen Shaver, John Turturro, Bill Cobbs, Robert Agins, Forest Whitaker
cocaine | amphetamine
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Sales clerk Vincent’s girlfriend Carmen tells liquor salesman Fast Eddie, “God, you’re crazy.” (0:11)

Eddie asks a woman at the bar, “I know this is gonna sound crazy, but would you come outside and look at my car?”
”It was just depressing.” (0:15)

Eddie tells Vincent, “Well, you’re hooked on Carmen, aren’t you?”
”Crazy about her?” (0:22)

His barmaid girlfriend Janelle tells Eddie, “I appreciate hearing about it from that dope fiend.” (0:31)

Eddie tells Vincent, “Besides, there’s drugs now. Kids are playing on coke, speed.”
”The Bible never said anything about amphetamines.”
”I get high on the man upstairs.” (0:34)

By telephone Eddie asks Janelle “What are you, a shrink?” (1:01)

Vincent tells Carmen, referring to Eddie, “... I ask this guy a question, he just panics...” (1:11)

His pool opponent Amos tells Eddie, “It’s crazy, you know.”
”I was a subject.”
”... a subject, in the psych department. I was a subject for experiments, reflexes, memory things.” (1:18)

By telephone Eddie tells Janelle, “I’m only feeling nervous because I feel good.” (1:40)

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