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The Curse of the Cat People

Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Jane Randolph, Ann Carter, Tom Conway, Jack Holt, Eve March, Julia Dean, Elizabeth Russell, Erford Gage
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Teacher Miss Callahan tells marine engineer Oliver, referring to his young daughter Amy, “Perhaps you’re over anxious.” (0:04)

Oliver tells Amy’s mother Alice, his wife and former co worker, “It’s something moody” that worries him about Amy. (0:05)

Oliver tells Alice, “... there’s no doubt in my mind that you spoil this child.”
Amy: ”I made you fight.” (0:15)

Julia Farren tells Amy, referring to a younger woman in her home, “That woman is an imposter.” (0:26)

Julia tells the younger woman, who claims to be her daughter Barbara, “You are an imposter.” (0:32)

Oliver tells Miss Callahan, referring to his first wife Irena, “In the end she went completely mad... then she killed herself.” (0:54)

Julia: “My Barbara was killed.”
Barbara: “You were out of your mind... You didn’t remember anything.”
”You’re not my Barbara.” (1:01)

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