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The Dark Mirror

Olivia de Havilland, Lew Ayres, Thomas Mitchell
Hermann Rorschach
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Newsstand clerk Terry faints. (0:09)

Sign on door: "Scott Elliott, MD, PhD, MS PSYCHOLOGIST" (0:09)

Detective Lieutenant Stevenson tells the Collins twins, "I was beginning to think I was losing my marbles." (0:13)

Elevator operator Rusty tells Dr. Elliott, referring to the detectives, "Those guys are crazy." (0:19)

District attorney Girard reads the name of the author of the book he holds: "Scott Elliott, psychologist, VA, MD, and PhD.... Mental traits of identical twins..."
Elliot, referring to murder victim Dr. Peralta, ”He asked me if I ever come across a case of split personality.” (0:20)

Elliot answers Stevenson: "Character, personality."
”Different characters.”
Stevenson: ”Don't you think there’s a chance she'd kill again, her sister, if she ever became nervous about it?” (0:27)

Elliott tells the twins, "Physical, verbal, psychological, the standard stuff." (0:30)

Terry in session with Elliot:
Elliott tells Terry, referring to the inkblot test, "It's another way of examining personality."
Elliott administers the Rorschach to Terry.
Terry: ”It all seems symbolic of something...”
Elliott: ”Symbolic of what?” (0:35)

Ruth in session with Elliot:
Elliott administers the Rorschach to Ruth. (0:37)

Elliott tells Stevenson, referring to the Rorschach test, "... In the word blot test about 80% of the people studying the blots will see the same figures, the same illusions and visions."
”One of our young ladies is insane, very clever, very intelligent, but insane.” (0:42)

Elliott tells Ruth, "Now this one's called a free association test..."
Ruth: ”I was a little worried about something else.” (0:42)

Terry tells Ruth, "It's you I'm worried about."
”Why do you take those sleeping pills every night?”
Ruth: ”Because I can't sleep without them, of course.” (0:45)

Elliot administers the free association test to Terry. (0:47)

Ruth tells Elliott, "I was really crazy about that boy..."
Elliott: ”How many men have you been crazy about?” (0:48)

Terry asked Ruth, "You're taking a sleeping pill tonight?"
”You were worried about one of us being... crazy.” (0:50)

Elliot turns on the polygraph device and connects it to Terry.
Elliott: ”Your memory is too good.” (0:54)

Carrie awakens Ruth with a bright light but denies having seen it. (0:57)

Elliott tells Stevenson, "Terry’s a paranoiac. A paranoiac has no more conscience, no more sense of right and wrong than a two-year-old. A paranoiac is capable of anything."
Stevenson: ”You can't run looneys in until they've done something... If their families don't see fit to commit them you just have to wait ‘til somebody’s set on fire.”
”I thought you said there was no pattern to a psychotic’s calculations.” (0:59)

Stevenson tells Detective Franklin, "If I was that young man I'd feel a trifle nervous."
”The minute the doctor falls in love with the patient, from then on he's about as useful as a papoose.” (1:00)

Elliott asks Ruth, "Feeling depressed?" (1:02)

Ruth asks Elliott, "What causes hallucinations?"
Elliott: ”Hallucinations?”
”... a sick mind.” (1:03)

Terry tells Ruth, "I was worried."
”Look darling, try not to worry so much.” (1:06)

Elliott tells Terry, referring to Peralta, "That's why he asked me about a split personality."
Terry, referring to Ruth: ”... I doubt if anybody would take seriously the word of a girl who suffers from hallucinations...” (1:16)

By telephone, Stevenson tells Elliott, "I got nervous after I left you..." (1:18)

Elliott tells Terry, "Ruth's dead. She's killed herself." (1:18)

Stevenson tells Terry, referring to Ruth, "She took some of this sleeping junk, apparently. It was empty on the washstand..." (1:19)

Stevenson asks Elliott, "You want to know why I got nervous?"
”Psychological reasons.”
”After all, even a nut can figure out that it's simpler to get rid of a rival than go on knocking off her boyfriends all the rest of her life.” (1:23)