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The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgård, Christopher Meloni, Kristen Wiig
cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methaqualone | Quaalude
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Minnie: "... recording this onto a cassette tape because my life has gotten really crazy of late..." (0:02)

Partiers snort cocaine. (0:03)

Minnie tells Monroe,"You're drunk."
Monroe: ”No, I'm not drunk.”
”You’re shit-faced, Minnie.” (0:07)

Monroe asks Minnie, "Are you crazy?" (0:14)

Minnie’s mother Charlotte, referring to Patty Hearst, "Oh, she's not mentally ill." (0:14)

Minnie: "Mom and Andrea got some coke from Michael Cocaine, and gave them the energy to clean the whole house today." (0:20)

Teacher: "Holden's attitudes about homosexuality come into question..." (0:22)

Charlotte tells Minnie, "Yeah, your dad and I were crazy about each other." (0:26)

Minnie tells Monroe, "You’re so... confusing with your adult codes..." (0:27)

Charlotte's friend Andrea helps Monroe to a snort of cocaine. (0:33)

Monroe asks Minnie, "What are you, some kind of nympho or something?"
Monroe: ”Don't get nervous in the service.” (0:37)

Monroe: "Minnie, you’re... hyper." (0:42)

Minnie and her friend Kimmie share a roach with a roach clip. (0:46)

Minnie finds Tabatha smoking a joint in the restroom. She tries to give Minnie a shotgun. (0:50)

Kimmie tells Minnie, "I can't believe you smoked pot with Tabatha." (0:51)

Minnie tells her cartoonist cartoon friend, Aline Kominsky, "Maybe I should kill myself."
Aline: “Maybe you're a nympho.” (0:57)

Charlotte and Monroe share a joint.
Minnie snorts cocaine. (0:59)

By telephone, Monroe tells Minnie, "I kind of got arrested for drunk driving... the cop... let me ride around in his car... until I sobered up." (1:02)

Monroe asks Charlotte, "Are you crazy?"
”I was probably looking at your tits, and you got confused.”
Charlotte: ”I guess it's kind of crazy.” (1:03)

Minnie: "I hate myself. I hate myself." (1:07)

Minnie asks her friend Chuck, "Actually, do you still have that acid you got from your brother?" (1:08)

Minnie tells Monroe, "I'm going insane, and it's your fault." (1:08)

Minnies shares LSD with Monroe. Both have psychedelic experiences, but Monroe’s appears to qualify as a bad trip. (1:12)

Note from Minnie’s sister Gretel: "Minnie you’re such a retard... you've been... smoking pot..." (1:17)

Partiers snort cocaine and smoke pot. Scrawled on the wall: “born to ‘Lude” (1:18)

Minnie tells Tabatha, "I’m not afraid of... being... hypnotized..."
Tabatha tokes a joint. (1:18)

Charlotte tells Minnie, referring to Monroe, "And he made me feel like I was... crazy..." (1:20)

Minnie tells Monroe, "You're drunk."
Monroe: ”I'm not drunk.”
Minnie asks Charlotte, “ are you crazy?” (1:22)

Minnie and Tabatha snort cocaine. (1:24)

Tabatha tells Minnie, referring to Mike, "He's got really good ‘ludes."
”I'm not uptight, and you're not uptight, right?” (1:25)