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The Dresser

Albert Finney, Tom Courtenay, Zena Walker, Eileen Atkins, Michael Gough, Edward Fox.
Winston Churchill | Adolf Hitler
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Gordon Hill, BBC news: "The King and Queen, accompanied by the Prime Minister, Mr. Winston Churchill, today visited the East End of London..." (0:01)

Actor Sir: "Killing myself to die upon a kiss..." (0:03)

Sir tells his dresser Norman, "... now I know how Mr. Churchill will feel when he faces Josef Stalin..." (0:05)

Sir tells Her Ladyship"... don’t worry too much." (0:11)

Sir rages. (0:15)

A physician injects Sir. (0:18)

Norman: "It’s failing the company that I worry about..." (0:20)

Sir tells Norman, "Herr Hitler has made it very difficult for Shakespearean companies." (0:33)

Geoffrey tells Norman, referring to Sir, "He seemed quite deranged."
Norman: ”Sir? Deranged?” (0:35)

Miss Gibson tells Norman, "My uncle Percey raved and ranted like that..." (0:36)

Actress Irene tells Beryl, "Don’t worry." (0:39)

Sir tells Norman, "I’m going to faint."
”You always say self-pity is the most unattractive quality on-stage or off.” (0:45)

Actor Geoffrey Thornton tells Sir, "It’s only when I’m nervous."
Sir: ”You will be nervous.” (0:53)

Norman tells Sir, "My memory’s like a policeman..." (1:02)

Norman tells Her Ladyship, "I was ever so nervous." (1:05)

Lear: "Oh fool, I shall go mad." (1:11)

Norman tells Sir, "You need quiet as the deaf-mute said to the piano tuner."
Sir: ”How can I hate the crippled, the mentally deficient and the dead.” (1:17)

Sir tells Norman, "I need you sober."
Norman: ”I’m sober.” (1:33)

Lear grieves the death of Cordelia. (1:34)

Edgar, referring to Lear: "He faints." (1:37)

Sir tells Norman, "I worry about you, my boy." (1:43)

First Norman, then Madge, realize that Sir has died. (1:50)

Madge tells Norman, "Try and sober up." (1:52)