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The Dressmaker (2015)

Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook, Caroline Goodall, Shane Bourne, Kerry Fox, Rebecca Gibney, Sacha Horler, Shane Jacobson, Alison Whyte, Genevieve Lemon, Barry Otto
Billie Holiday | hashish | marijuana
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Rancher Teddy: “Who in their right mind would be up there raping mad Molly?” (0:09)

Policeman Sergeant Horatio Farrat wearing a dress. (0:10)

His assistant asks the chemist, Percival Almanac, “Can’t we help with some of them drugs of yours, Mr. A?”
Mr. Almanac: “Addictive.” (0:11)

His mother, referring to her son Stewart, says, “25 years since I lost my boy.” (0:16)

Man: “You bloody idiot.” (0:21)

Dressmaker Tilly tells her mother, “You know, I lost a child too, Molly.”
”It’s enough to send you mad.” (0:27)

Teddy tells his brother Barney, “Sunset Boulevard...” (0:34)

Tilly, Molly and Teddy watch Sunset Boulevard.
Molly tells a man in the audience, “You shut up, pervert.” (0:42)

Tilly tells Molly and Teddy the singer is “Billie Holliday.” (0:45)

Marigold tells Tilly referring to Marigold’s son Stewart, “I lost my son.” (1:06)

Tilly tells teacher Beulah, “Surely if this had happened I’d have some memory of it.”
Beulah: ”But you and your mad mother, you’re evil.” (1:10)

Beulah, referring to Tilly: “She’s mad.” (1:16)

Tilly asks Teddy, “What about my mad mother?”
Teddy, referring to Barney: ”We’ll even take my slow brother.” (1:23)

Their mother Mae and Barney grieve when Farrat informs them that Teddy has suffocated. (1:27)

Tilly grieves when she hears Mae screaming. She helps Mae prepare Teddy’s body for the funeral. (1:28)

Memorial service. Tilly comforts Barney. (1:30)

Tilly tells Molly, “I’d rather die than make one costume for those vile idiots.” (1:37)

Tilly and Farrat (dressed as a woman) lay flowers on Molly’s casket. (1:41)

Farrat: “Now, Beulah, the conductor will make an announcement when you reach Melbourne, where a nurse will take you to the sanatorium, I mean, specialist.” (1:42)

Percival: “Drunkenness is a sin...” (1:43)

A woman tells Farrat, referring to brownies that Percival’s wife Irma had eaten, “It’s hashish.” (1:43)

For a reporter, Farrat proclaims, “... but I adore marijuana cakes and hash Lamingtons, which I bake an unlawfully supply to my fellow dope fiends. In addition to my drug dealing I’m also guilty of perversion...” (1:45)

Shire President Evan tells his wife Irma, “Faint!”
”You’re drug dependent.”
Irma: “Certifiable.”
Evan: “That’s right, and I could have you committed any time I want.” (1:47)