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The Duchess

Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell, Simon McBurney, Aidan McArdle, John Shrapnel, Alistair Petrie, Patrick Godfrey
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The Right Honourable Charles James Fox tells Macaroni, “It is always easier to address a congregation of friends, particularly when those friends are drunk.” (0:15)

William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire tells his mother-in-law, Lady Georgiana Spencer, “I’m in no mood for a conversation.” (0:25)

One player tells another, “... I was a madman to marry you.” (0:36)

Second Earl Charles Grey tells Lady Georgiana Spencer’s daughter, Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana Cavendish, “I was nervous... I’m nervous even now.” (0:44)