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The Duke Is Tops

Ralph Cooper, Lena Horne, Laurence Criner, Monte Hawley, Willie Covan, Neva Peoples, Vernon McCalla, Edward Thompson, Johnny Taylor, Ray Martin, Guernsey Morrow, Charles Hawkins, Rubberneck Holmes, Marie Bryant, Everett Brown, Arthur Ray, Joel Fluellen, Lillian Randolph
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Her assistant Ella tells singer Ethel Andrews, "You're as nervous as a filly in her first race." (0:02)

Entertainer Duke Davis tells Ethel, "Oh, I guess I've been kind of selfish..." (0:14)

Producer Mason tells Duke, "Sometimes the surgeon has to cut deep, and it hurts, but it's for the patient's good." (0:15)

Duke tells the audience, "I had a patient come to me..."
”Dr. Durando... diagnosed his case of stomach trouble..” (0:45)