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The Empire of the Wolves

Jean Reno, Arly Jover, Vernon Dobtcheff
heroin | nicotine
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Patisserie clerk Anna, undergoing a mental status examinationfails to recognize a photograph of her husband Laurent. (0:02)

A coworker tells Anna, “You’re stressed out.” (0:07)

Anna tells herself, “I’m going crazy.” (0:08)

Dinner guest: “It’s how they get rid of stress.”
Anna, hallucinating disfigured faces, tells herself: “It’s just stress.” (0:09)

Cop: “That wacko’s still at it.” (0:12)

Her detective husband Laurent tells Anna, “Your whole memory is failing you.” (0:15)

The Coroner tells Police captain Paul and ex-detective Jean-Louis Schiffer, referring to the murderer, “Clearly it’s his obsession.”
”... obsessed with evil, but who never freaks out.” (0:21)

Paul tells Schiffer, “Shrinks say the killer disfigures faces when he knows them.”
Schiffer: “I don’t buy the psycho stuff.” (0:23)

Sign: “Docteur Mathilde Urano - Psychiatrist” (0:25)

Psychiatrist Urano tells Anna, “It seems your amnesia only applies to faces.”
Referring to Prof. Ackerman, “Did he say that a shock can also cause amnesia?”
Anna: ”A shock? No. If I’d had a severe shock I’d remember it.”
Urano: ”Amnesia can erase its own cause.”
Anna: “You think I’m insane?”
”You just said I’d had a shock.”
Urano: “We’ll try to see if your husband’s part of that shock.” (0:26)

Laurent tells Anna, “You’ve gone crazy.” (0:32)

Anna recalls Laurent’s words: “You’ve gone crazy.” (0:34)

Laurent tells Anna, “You’re crazy.” (0:36)

A doctor tells Anna, “It affects my diagnosis.” (0:41)

Schiffer tells Paul, “I was a narc 4 years. I didn’t shoot up.” (0:42)

Schiffer tells Paul, “Your killer is obsessed by the same face.” (0:47)

Anna tells Urano, “I’m not crazy. They erased my memory.” (0:48)

Urano tells Anna, “Ackerman’s institute does memory research for the army.” (0:51)

Urano tells Anna, “You lost your face... memory...” (0:52)

A biologist tells Anna the spot on her nail is ”Nicotine, maybe.”
“But that’s not nicotine.” (0:59)

Schiffer tells Paul, referring to a photograph, “The funeral of one of their leaders.”
”... corruption, drugs.”
Paul: ”I lost my mother when I was seven.” (1:01)

Paul tells a desk cop, “Good memory.” (1:10)

Urano introduces herself to Prof. Ackerman: “I’m a psychiatrist.” (1:14)

Ackerman tells Anna and Urano, referring to radioactive material used in PET scan, “At high doses it can affect your memory.”
”For a month it worked fine, until your memory lapses started.”
Anna tells Ackerman she wants back ”My memory.” (1:15)

Ackerman tells Anna, “Your conscious mind will get jumbled... but slowly your memory will take over.”
Anna recovers memories. (1:18)

Schiffer tells agent Charlie, “You idiots! Erasing that memory!”
Charlie, ”Now she may get her memory back.” (1:24)

Anna (now as Sema Gokalp) tells Urano, “I smuggled heroin for the golden crescent. I had 20 kilos of pure heroin to hand to a new contact here.” (1:27)

Assassin Azer jumps through a window. (1:31)

Sema wanders through a cemetery then breaks into a mausoleum.
Finding her there, Schiffer tells her, ”Take the dope and put it on the floor, slowly.” (1:33)

By telephone another cop tells Paul, referring to a phone number. “It’s ours, narcotics division. Names are confidential.” (1:43)

A cop tells Paul, “The drug squad sent them.” (1:46)

Schiffer tells Azer, “Kudseyi asked me to recover the dope.”
Azer asks Sema, ”Should he forgive you for stealing drugs?” (1:55)