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The Flight of the Phoenix

Peter Finch, Richard Attenborough, James Stewart
hashish | morphine
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Navigator Lew Moran tells Dr. Renaud, "Well, there's still some morphine left." (0:18)

Lew tells Gabriel, referring to booze, "As a matter of fact, I've given it up." (0:25)

Capt. Frank Towns tells Lew, referring to Capt. Harris, "But he's not entitled to kill himself." (0:33)

Towns tells Captain Harris, referring to oil worker Trucker Cobb, "The man's crazy." (0:39)

Harris tells Sergeant Watson, "Don't you worry about it, sergeant."
Towns: ”What do you mean, don't worry?” (0:40)

Cobb tells Dr. Renaud, "They ain't going to let no head case run a drilling operation."
Renaud: ”Nobody's describing you as a head case, Mr. Cobb... the fatigue mentale, I mean, mental exhaustion can happen to anyone.” (0:44)

Oil worker Ratbags Crow tells oil worker Carlos, "You must be bloody daft, mate." (0:46)

Aeronautical engineer Heinrich Dorfmann tells Moran, referring to Towns and Cobb, "However, since he apparently finds it necessary to run off into the desert in pursuit of a lunatic..." (0:51)

Ratbags asks Dorfmann, "Hashish, huh?" (1:06)

Harris discovers Gabriel has killed himself. (1:19)

Towns tells Dorfmann, "But maybe I'm an idiot." (1:22)

Towns tells Moran, "Don't tell me you don't think he's crazy."
”Well, suppose we agree he's as mad as a hatter.”
”If you hadn't made a career out of being a drunk, you might not have been a second-rate navigator in a fifth-rate outfit.” (1:23)

Towns tells Moran, "Come on, you drunken bum, let's get back to work." (1:27)

Wrap bags tells the others he has a story for the newspaper: "How I stopped smoking in 3 days." (1:31)

Ratbag stills Bellamy, "He's staggering around Benghazi,... boxed out of his mind on Kickapoo joy juice or hashish or something." (1:35)

Watson hallucinates. (1:45)

Towns, referring to Dorfmann: "He's crazy, Lou." (2:00)

Moran, referring to water: "You never know, Frank, I might become an addict." (2:20)

Oil worker: "These guys are either drunk or crazy." (2:20)