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The General Died at Dawn

CastGary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Akim Tamiroff, Dudley Digges, Porter Hall, William Frawley, J.M. Kerrigan, Philip Ahn, Lee Tung Foo, Leonid Kinskey
Year released1936
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Operative O’Hara tells Judy, “I’m crazy for a laugh.”
”Well, I’m a man of infinite patience.” (0:19)

O’hara tells Judy, referring to other passengers, “Playing hooky from a padded cell.” (0:24)

Apparently ordered by Gen. Yang, a soldier holds the muzzle of his revolver to his head.
Yang tells O’Hara, “Lose face, kill self.” (0:29)

Gun runner Brighton tells Mr. Wu, “You’re trying to get me drunk so I’ll wait here for your man O’Hara.”
”You can’t get me tight.” (0:37)

Wu tells his associate Mr. Chen, “I shall lose my mind waiting.” (0:47)

Judy tells her father Pete, “... that I’m crazy about the boy doesn’t make you wink an eye.” (0:53)

Judy tells O’Hara, “I could kill myself for almost next to nothing.” (1:02)

Judy grieves when she realizes O’Hara has killed Pete. O’Hara tells Judy, “It’s got me nuts, too.” (1:05)

Yang tells the others, “I... make great commerce: silk, rice and opium.” (1:16)

O’Hara asks Wu, referring to Judy, “Do you want this girl to kill herself?” (1:19)

Yang tells his officer, referring to Brighton, “So the drunk fool found the bone.” (1:26)

Yang tells O’Hara, “Drunk fool Brighton make accident.”
”You must think we’re out of a nuthouse to believe a story like that.” (1:28)

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