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The Goldfinch

Ansel Elgort, Oakes Fegley, Aneurin Barnard, Finn Wolfhard, Sarah Paulson, Luke Wilson, Jeffrey Wright, Nicole Kidman, Ashleigh Cummings, Willa Fitzgerald, Luke Kleintank, Denis O'Hare, Peter Jacobson, Joey Slotnick, Robert Joy, Donna Mitchell, Pamela Dunlap
cocaine | diazepam | Valium | hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Vicodin | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | morphine
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Theo Decker, referring to his mother: "Everything would have turned out better if she had lived." (0:01)

Samantha Barber tells the investigators, "Theo hit his head. He has some memory impairment." (0:13)

Young Pippa tells Theo, "Sorry, I've forgotten things."
Pippa hands Theo a lollipop: ”I think it's morphine.”
Theo sees Pippa’s poster for The Wizard of Oz. (0:21)

Theo's father Larry's cocktail waitress girlfriend Xandra tells Theo, "You should be proud of your Pops: 51 days sober... Detoxed on the sofa, basket of Easter candy and Valium... My mom's the kind of lush who would throw up in her own glass and then drink it anyway." (0:36)

Theo: "I don't indulge in self-pity." (0:44)

Andy's older brother Platt tells Theo, "You know how Daddy had... They used to call it problems with his nerves... Bipolar."
”A few years back he came off his medication... Andy came too, just in case he got storm giddy, you know?”
Referring to Andy's and his father’s deaths: ”This big wave... and they both went.” (0:49)

Theo crushes pills from a prescription bottle and snorts the powder.. (0:55)

Theo tells his new friend Boris, "My dad says he stopped drinking."
Boris, referring to his mother: ”Mine was alkie. Got drunk and fell out the window.” (1:01)

Boris tells Tho, pointing to a bag of pills, "It's Vicodin. Can get you high."
”Then she can't be selling drugs.” (1:03)

Boris tells Theo, "We should trip together, drop acid." (1:07)

Boris’ father beats him. (1:08)

Boris crushes a tablet.
Boris tells Theo, ”It hits harder this way.”
Each snorts lines through a straw. (1:12)

Theo re-experiences the bombing in a nightmare. (1:20)

Larry slaps Theo. (1:23)

Boris shares blotters with Theo. They describe psychedelic experiences to each other. (1:25)

Xandra tells Theo, referring to Larry, "His blood alcohol was 0.39."
”What I'm saying is that he's dead.” She cries. (1:27)

Xandra shares a joint with a friend. (1:28)

Boris tells Theo, "Crazy to go tonight." (1:30)

Art collector Lucius Reeve shows Theo an article about the fate of the Goldfinch painting: "... the painting as collateral for a drug deal..."
Reeve tells Theo, ”The FBI received a tip that a criminal gang in Miami was using the painting as collateral in a drug deal...” (1:39)

His fiance Kitsey Barbour tells Theo, "Take all the drugs you want." (1:43)

Theater marquee: "Round Midnight" (1:48)

Theo snorts lines of cocaine provided by Boris.
Theo tells Boris, ”I got you started as a drug dealer.”
Boris: ”Not drug dealing.”
”You are a blackout drunk, Potter.” (1:56)

Theo swallows a series of pills, apparently intending to kill himself. (2:14)

Theo sees a vision of his mother. (2:15)