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The Great Gilly Hopkins

Sophie Nélisse, Kathy Bates, Julia Stiles, Octavia Spencer, Glenn Close, Bill Cobbs, Billy Magnussen
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Foster child Gilly asks her foster parent Maime, “Why in the world would I ever watch a retard show like that?”
Maime, referring to her son: “You just said William Ernest is retarded.” (0:04)

Gilly tells Maime, “I’m not retarded.” (0:18)

Gilly asks social worker Ellis, “Are you freakin’ stalking me?” (0:24)

Gilly: “Oh, Mr. Randolph, I never thought paper airplanes was good for anything except maybe driving teachers crazy.” (0:29)

Gilly tells classmate Rajeem, referring to teachers, “Drives them crazy.” (0:32)

Gilly tells schoolmate Agnes, referring to teacher Miss Harris, “Because she’s trying to do one of these reverse psychologic things.”
”Agnes, could you believe that your little bit of misguided lunacy may actually help me?”
Agnes: “So am I a genius or a loony?” (0:33)

Teacher Miss Harris tells Gilly, “... the thing that brings us closer than intelligence, is anger... but I didn’t ask you to stay after school to tell you how intelligent you are or how much I envy you, but to thank you for your card.” (0:37)

Agnes tells Gilly, “You’re like really brave, or crazy.”
Gilly: “The crazy one calling me crazy.” (0:45)

Maime tells Gilly, “I know you don’t allow kissing, but sometimes I just haul off and go crazy.” (0:52)

Maime’s neighbor Mr. Randolph tells Gilly she must wonder, “What’s a crazy old blind man doing staring at a picture he can’t see?” (0:54)

Ellis tells Gilly, referring to Maime and W.E., “They’re both crazy about you.” (1:05)

Gilly’s grandmother Nonnie, referring to her son Chadwell, tells Gilly, “We lost him in a war.” (1:13)

Gilly’s birth mother Courtney tells Nonnie, “I’m not drunk or high, if that’s what you’re saying.” (1:22)