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The Great Race

Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Peter Falk, Keenan Wynn, Arthur O'Connell, Vivian Vance, Dorothy Provine
Peter Falk
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The barker tells the crowd, referring to The Great Leslie, "He will be strapped in a straitjacket before your very eyes..."
Assistants strap a straitjacket on Leslie (0:07)

Professor Fate: "Max, up, you idiot!"
”Max, up, you idiot!” (0:12)

Fate tells Max, "Be careful, you idiot, you'll blow us both to Kingdom Come." (0:13)

Fate calls Leslie, "A madman."
”The madman.”
Fate jumps from a window. (0:20)

Newspaper editor Henry Goodbody tells suffragette Maggie Dubois, "You're mad, young woman. You are mad." (0:28)

Professor Fate tells Max, "Up, idiot!"
”Down, you idiot!” (0:32)

Hookah in Leslie’s tent (0:33)

Fate: "You idiot!" (0:41)

Fate tells Maggie, "You're a lunatic, a lunatic!" (0:42)

His assistant Hezekiah tells Leslie, "Imagine that crazy female." (0:45)

Maggie tells Leslie, "I must have fainted." (0:54)

Fate tells Max, "No, you idiot." (0:57)

Max, referring to Texas Jack, "He's drunk."
Fate: ”You idiot, the gas.” (0:11)

Fate tells Max, "This rock, you idiot." (1:26)

Fate tells Leslie, "Except that you have blankets and stimulants."
Max: ”Stimulants, stimulants.” (1:27)

Fate tells the others, "7:30 in the morning, you idiots." (1:29)

Fate tells Max, "You idiot!" (1:37)

Prince Hapnick tells the others, "I used to ride my pony up and down this quarter when I was young, then I grew up, got drunk and fell off." (1:55)

Fate: "You blundering idiots..." (2:00)

Gen. Kuhster tells Fate, "No, you idiot, with a friar..." (2:07)

Maggie tells Baron von Stuppe, "You're a sadistic fiend." (2:08)

Fate answers Max, "Right here, you idiot." (2:25)