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The Great Santini

Robert Duvall, Blythe Danner, Michael O'Keefe, Stan Shaw
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Pilot: “Okay, let's not get too anxious today.” (0:00)

Theater marquee: “Rome Adventure” (0:16)

Lieutenant Colonel Bull Meechum asks his wife Lillian, “Care to have a look, Scarlett.”
”I probably reminded him of Rhett Butler.” (0:17)

Meechum's daughter Mary Anne tells the others, referring to their father, “He does remind me of someone from the movies, but it's not Rhett Butler.”
Godzilla” (0:20)

Col. Varney tells Meechum, “... Despite the fact that you're a disgrace to the Corps and well on your way to being an alcoholic...” (0:26)

Ben tells his father, “Don't worry Dad, you can always get a disability pension.” (0:32)

Ben's friend Toomer stutters. (0:41)

Red Petus mocks Toomer’s stutter. (0:42)

Bull tells Ben, “So I went crazy...” (0:49)

Ben tells Col. Hedgepath, “Virg, I don't even have a buzz on yet.”
Sober up, Dad.” (0:55)

Meechum tells the rest of his family, “On behalf of my illustrious, though somewhat inebriated, son I thank you for this joyous display.” (0:56)

Meechum tells his wife Lilian, referring to Ben, “It screws up his instincts and his timing.” (0: 57)

Ben's sister Mary Ann tells the others, “I just couldn't sleep last night. I was so worried about the big game.”
Lillian tells her, ”Your father is very nervous about this game.”
Mary Anne: “He always gives off the signals of the psychopathic killer...” (1:00)

Another basketball player tells Ben, referring to Meecham, “Boy, he's really tanked up, isn't he?”
”I know a drunk when I see one.” (1:03)

The basketball coach tells Ben, “... along comes this idiot who hasn't got the guts to tell his father to take a flying jump...” (1:10)

Ben finds his father drunk. (1:31)

Lillian grieves when she learns of Mechums death. She tells the children, “Our grief will be private.” (1:44)

Funeral with military honors for Bull Meechum. (1:48)

Reference in Daddy's Home 2